Guardian Caps NFL: What player positions are required to wear them?

Fans in attendance for the first few practices of NFL training camp will have noticed something different when it comes the helmets worn by the players.

The NFL is requiring players at certain positions wear a padded shell called a Guardian Cap on the outside of their helmet during a portion of training camp.

Although they debuted in recent years, teams passed a resolution in March requiring the use of the Guardian Cap through the second preseason game according to the NFL.

What do they do?

The NFL reports that Guardian Cap reduces the impact of collisions by 10 percent. If both players are wearing the cap, then there is a 20 percent drop in severity.

Players can continue to wear them past the mandatory deadline if they want.

Miami Dolphins tackle Terron ArmsteadMartha LavandierAP

The NFL has said it will collect data from the practice to understand how it helps make things safer.

Who must wear them?

Currently, the cap must be worn by all offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers and tight ends.

Who makes them?

The company that makes the Guardian Cap was one of the winners of the NFL’s first HeadHealthTECH innovation series back in 2017.

The competition was created in order to help develop better player safety equipment.


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