Gronkowski admits he’s not ready to return to the NFL


Hnot even Tom Brady’s premature NFL return announcement was enough to make a hard end Rob Gronkowski decide to follow in the footsteps of his great friend and return to the league with Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 season. The player himself is sure of this.

Some time ago, Gronkowski assured that he would no longer play without Brady as a quarterback, but all indications are that four-time Super Bowl winner may further delay his decision to sign with an NFL team, as he’s not ready yet.

“I knew that if I started catching a few passes, my head would start spinning, like, ‘Oh shit, I have to get back on the field, and right now I’m not ready to get back on it. I’m not ready to play football now,” Gronkowski told TMZ.

Gronk doesn’t even want to catch balls so he doesn’t feel pressure

Gronkowski’s indecision about his future led him to stop catching soccer balls at a charity event over the weekend. Simply put, the tight end doesn’t want to feel any pressure to make a decision and end up regretting it.

“Even in your 30s, I mean, you just can’t just relax and just be 50% all-in, then you get caught up in the game and it just spit you out, you.” I have to be completely dedicated to the cause. I’m not ready for it yet, I’m not going to sign a contract if I’m not fully ready,” added Gronkowski.

Gronkowski surprised by Brady’s return

Gronk couldn’t stop talking about his friend. Brady returns to the NFLthough he admits he didn’t expect his return to the league to happen so soon, just a month and a half after his retirement was announced.

“I knew he would be back, but I didn’t think he would be back this year, to be honest, I thought he would be back in a year, spending some time with his family,” Gronkowski said.

“He’s not done yet, man, let me tell you the guy is 44 and let me tell you, he doesn’t look a day older than 23 when he throws the ball,” the five-time professional bowler added.


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