Greta Thunberg’s song to politicians: “You can put the climate crisis aside”


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Young environmental activist Greta Sandberg Does not participate COP26, The summit being held in Glasgow brings together some of the most important world leaders Reach an agreement to combat climate change.

Although it has become a media reference in this matter, the 18-year-old Thunberg, Choose to only participate in demonstrations and protests by environmental groups, Such as the “Future Friday” organization held near the Grosgow Convention Center.

“The change will not come from there; it is here, not within COP26,” the activist said yesterday, holding a microphone in his hand. “We don’t say anymore Bra bra bra, No longer exploit people, nature and the earth; they no longer do anything there,” Thunberg said in a statement to the media at the Festival Park on the River Clyde, which is side by side with COP26.

After saying this to other climate activists of the Youth Association, the young woman sang a song with them Dedicated to political leaders. “You can put the climate crisis on your ass“. Or what is the same: “You can take the climate crisis to heart”, Read the chorus they all sang, as seen in the video shared by Thunberg herself on her Twitter profile.

Your agenda at COP26

Tunberg Arrived in Glasgow by train last Sunday Will participate in two major protests This weekend will be held in the Scottish capital: once on November 5th by Friday for the future organization, the other time on the 6th, among the so-called various British environmental organizations COP Alliance (COP Alliance).

As far as she is concerned, Swedish activists don’t have much hope for this summit:”COP26 So far, it’s the same as before, it won’t let us do nothing; they are just current politicians who pretend to take our future seriously and people who have been affected by the climate crisis. “


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