Greta Thunberg says closing Germany’s nuclear power plants would be a mistake


climate activist Greta ThunbergPromoter future friday Due to climate change and the lack of government action, one of the agency’s most critical and discordant voices has announced to German media that disconnecting the country’s nuclear power plants would be “A serious mistake”.

“If they were already working, I think it would be a mistake to close them and switch to coal,” he said in an interview with ARD (German public media group). “It’s a bad idea to rely on coal as long as there are other things,” Thunberg added.

His statement referred to the German government decision Keep two of the three nuclear power plants in reserve Until “mid-April 2023”, although they were due to be withdrawn by the end of the year. As the economy minister explained last September, the “necessary” decision was made by Germany due to the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine and its reliance on natural gas, Robert Harbeck.

[La sequía limita la energía hidráulica en España, la nuclear en Francia y el carbón en Alemania frente al gas ruso]

The decision “relevant to many emotions” was made to avoid a power crisis, despite the threat of an impending severe winter on the energy front, which Habeck sees as “highly unlikely”.

When asked if nuclear power plants should be shut down after the current crisis phase is over, Thunberg replied “depending on what happened”. In addition, he believes that there are other alternatives to coal. “I think there are other ways forward. Renewable energy.”

more gas consumption

The energy crisis that has already occurred has added a new factor: Colder, drier and less windy winter than usual. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has issued a warning.

Such a situation would have disastrous consequences for the German economy. Although the country has filled 90% of its natural gas reserves, graduate School IFO Munich, DIW Berlin, Kiel IfW, Halle IWH and Essen RWI have issued warnings in September If winter is cold, The country’s economy will contract by 7.9%.

Not surprisingly, Germany could eventually nationalize the country’s main gas company, Uniper. The entity, based in Düsseldorf, needs more help from the state after taking advantage of a support package worth up to 20 billion euros.

Russian gas prices rise and supply cuts lead to Daily Millionaire Lossesprompting the government to step in in July with a rescue package that included a 30% stake.



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