Gregorio Luri: “We can no longer talk about the Spanish education system because it doesn’t exist”


Gregorio Luri Medrano (Azagra, Navarra, 1955), Lecturer and Ph.D., featured on It’s morning Federico his last rehearsal School is not an amusement park (Ariel) an analysis of current education to encourage us to return to a school where valuable knowledge and evidence-based practices truly underlie.

“Professors have suggested that they are final, and politicians are intermediate, laws do not matter. We live in methodological anarchy, in which each center does what it wants, as long as you don’t cause any particular trouble to the Inspectorate. If you don’t bother, you can do whatever you want. In fact, we can no longer talk about the Spanish educational system, because it does not exist,” the author said into the microphones of esRadio.


Luri believes that the autonomy of the centers is a decisive argument in defense freedom of choice. “If all centers teach the same thing, what is the use of free choice? If each center has autonomy to develop its project, then either it is accompanied by freedom of choice, or it is useless.”

In this essay, he criticizes those who boast of advancing critical thinking by uncritically applying methodologies without empirical support or, in some cases, with empirical evidence that refutes them. “It seems to be possible to move on to advanced thought without going through the work of something specific. I am in favor of thinking that people have good intentions, but the terrible thing is that they are not always accompanied by intelligence. They believe that thought is possible in the absence of knowledge and data,” he assured.

Luri raises in this essay the disconcerting neglect of knowledge in educational centers and the emphasis on fun and happiness for their own sake. “The most urgent thing is that one in four young Spaniards who complete compulsory schooling They cannot read or write. It’s drama,” he explained.

“If the perfection rate is 7% and the very poor rate is 25%, we are not creating enough human capital,” Luri said.

Gregory Luri. School is not an amusement park. Edited by Ariel. 416 pages. 18.90 euros.


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