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You should always trust the experts and those who know their work best. That’s why, when the idea came up to offer a review for those who want to discover the universe of Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns for the first time, I contacted the ECC publisher to ask for a recommendation. His public relations manager, Merche Bermudez, told me that a good way to start reading something about the Green Lantern is to start with Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern Revival. It’s said and done. We’re here to review this comic and offer you an entry point into this superhero.

Before we enter with our green ring into a full review, let’s move on to the technical section: it contains Green Lantern: Rebirth no. 1–6 USA, Wizard X USA (prologue excerpt from Green Lantern: Rebirth) and Green Lantern Secret Files and Origins USA, written by Geoff Johns, art by Ethan Van Sciver and Darwin Cooke, hardcover, 224 pages, ECC, price €24 .

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let’s start the review

Reboot and entry point to meet and revive Hal Jordan

“When Hal Jordan received his Ring of Power from the dying alien Abin Sur, he became not only an intergalactic agent in the cosmic sector that includes the planet Earth, but for many … the best Green Lantern who ever lived! Never! This is a descriptive start to the work ECC Publishing is doing on this Renaissance, and the truth is that it’s perfect for starting this review and giving context to the work we’re giving here.

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Hal Jordan was far from the only Green Lantern in history, but he has always been considered original and authentic (with permission from Alan Scott). It’s no less. Hal’s adventures gave way to a beautiful universe that filled the panels of many comics with stories for years to come. Along with it, the Green Lantern oath became famous: “In the brightest day, in the darkest night, no evil will escape my watch. Let those who worship the power of evil… fear my power: the light!” from Green Lantern. !” As they say, it all started with him, but there was a moment when Hal went astray and eventually succumbed to the power of evil, becoming the terrible Parallax. It was in a volume called “Death of a Green Lantern.

In this rebirth, we are fully entering the stage of Geoff Johns, who will give meaning to everything that happened to that Hal Jordan, who abandoned the green color of goodness to go to the yellow color of evil. And he will do it according to the script that I have to warn you about one thing. If this is your first time entering the Green Lantern world, take it easy. Peace of mind in reading. And I’m saying this because if you don’t have prior knowledge of the character and their world, the first few pages can get you lost and give the false impression that you won’t learn anything. Calm. There is nothing further from reality. Jones’ script is designed to resolve doubts as the vignettes progress. Everything that at first glance does not have a clear context is gradually explained and will not leave you a single question unanswered. Each character and story will have a different memory that needs to be explained. Also, if you have any questions, this edition of the ECC contains a more than accurate final guide with questions and answers to serve as a roadmap.

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On the other hand, if you already know the character and what happened to Hal Jordan that day, Rebirth will take you back to the Emerald Gladiator in all his glory. The script can serve as a starting point for newbies and a restart for experts in the field, which is far from easy and what Jeff achieves with this volume. The script, by the way, is full of action, epic moments, intrigue to find out what happened and what is happening to Hal, and also includes secondary characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League. By the way, the League, the origin of which we have already considered in another volume under the direction of Jones.

Ethan Van Sciver is in charge of the art and I think he does a great job of blending blockbuster signature vignettes with other moments of greater tension and emotional expression from the characters. The drawing and ink are appropriate, and the group exercises are wonderful.

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Conclusion: as I said throughout the review, a great recommendation for starting or restarting in the Green Lantern universe. Both. Hal Jordan is back and doing so, opening his arms to his old lovers as well as new ones. The very complete edition also allows you to navigate the volume without fear of getting lost along the way. Green light if the night is getting a little darker, to use metaphors. Enjoy reading and remember, if you’re interested, this is only the first volume in a series that ECC is currently editing.



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