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After posting an insulting banner during the game against Portel on November 5, the northern club was sentenced to closing the stands and fined 1,500 euros.

BCM knows its sanctionsOn November 5th, JD Jackson’s players defeated Portel 101-58 in Opalico’s Northern Derby. However, during the meeting, the club’s most fanatical supporter, the Marin team, has launched an insulting banner: “Welcome to the Portroyce Mouse.” After the meeting, the leaders of Marseille challenged LNB. As far as BCM is concerned, it apologized on Twitter through the voice of its executive director, Hervé Beddeleem: “Friend Portelois, this banner is inappropriate and has nothing to do with our Gulf. We apologize on behalf of BCM to the people she hurt.”

Grandstand fines and suspension of matches

Therefore, the sanctions took effect on Wednesday. Gravelines-Dunkerque issued a press release on its Twitter account stating that it will close the match stands and impose a fine of 1,500 euros on the club: “After the Marin Supporters Club deploys the banner […], BCM was subpoenaed to the Legal and Disciplinary Committee of the National Basketball League. This approved BCM to completely shut down Tribune H on the occasion of the BCM/Roanne meeting on December 17, and imposed a fine of 1,500 euros. “

BCM is still looking for itself

Currently ranked 11th in the championship, Gravelinois continued to be mixed in the first half of the season (4V-5D).Beat Lyon’s buzzer ASVEL In the first game of the season (83-81), after defeating Nancy 92-61, JD Jackson’s players still lost to Nanterre (88-86) and participated in Coupe de France in a frustrating manner. qualifications. BCM will move to Cholet, currently ranked 17th in the tournament, and then take over Roanne (10th) without some supporters.


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