Goya hypocrites


Apparently Goya’s gala concert was especially lead. In the absence of glamor in the participants and artistic quality in the source material, the Spanish film industry has always provided a spectacle for its political stances and sectarian behavior. what a squad!

Pedro Sanchez, Mikel Iceta, Yolanda Diaz and Ximo Puig were at the gala where they received flattery and congratulations from their subsidized subjects. The drums of war are already sounding, and Spain has sent planes to Ukraine as part of NATO, but there was no warning”Not for war” by our artists, always ready to promote Zapatero’s eyebrow or Sanchez’s stern face. The only battle fought by our filmmakers in socialist times was the struggle in the offices for privileges, ministerial assistance, tax exemptions.

Best Film of all nominees One more round, a simple but powerful and impressive Danish film, funny and thoughtful. Light years from the abortions performed by the usual suspects in the Spanish movie scene. By the way, other nominees for the best European film show that the knowledge and taste of academicians leave much to be desired. They appreciate not only cinema, but also social messages and political sermons.

Hence Mayxabel be preaching; parallel mothersrally; good bossbrochure; Mediterranean Seatypical NGO campaign… The confusion between art and sermon-rallies, pamphlets-campaigns is common among the Left.. See the Reina Sofia Museum and its political curator, Manuel Borja-Villele.

In art, they are looking for complex game entertainment or a vivid life experience. Suppose The Man Who Shot Liberty Valancefunny and deep. Or the Simpsons. Or Tarkovsky. But nothing more boring, simple and, oh, obscene than typical Spanish cinema. Of course, there are exceptions, like the horror films Paco Plaza, now with Grandmother on a billboard, a terrifying and disturbing story about the suffering of old age in the genre bloody.

It’s entirely possible that there is a deep social concern in the film and the like. The best left-wing films in history were made by John Ford: The Grapes of Wrath D How green was my valley! But with Ford, the socio-political was subordinate to the aesthetic-artistic. First, Beauty. However, for Spanish filmmakers, this is primarily indoctrination, awareness and politicking. Almodóvar ruins his latest film by playing a delicate George Cukor-style lesbo-mother melodrama with a pamphlet-filled statement spewed out by Ken Loach. The progressive bourgeois chic dream of the Francoist struggle in which they never played a major role.but of those who boast.

The contradictions of our filmmakers, protesters outside, tamed insideunfold in the great conqueror, good bossscathing criticism of a capitalist businessman, the usual sarcastic parody of Sample in the socialist imagination. That Fernando Leon de Aranoa was funded Rures, a Marxist-Trotskyist businessman with more than one accusation that he is an unscrupulous exploiter, capable of selling the soul of his employees for a good profit, does not seem to have caused him the slightest conflict of conscience. But the pinnacle of double standards was Blanca Portillo, the protagonist of the whitewashing of terrorists that Mayxabel. In her acceptance speech for the Goya Award for Best Actress, she dedicated the award to “everyone who left absolutely unfairly”, in particular Juan María Jauregui. Cate Blanchett, classy guest, as a tribute to Berlanga Welcome Mrs Blanchett!Maybe someone explained to him that he meant those killed by ETA. You will recognize them by their euphemisms.


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