Government shutdown in December: Congress closes deal 1 day before deadline


The continues to fight between both sides Government this time will not end with a stop because they managed to strike a deal. Republicans continue to fight against Biden administrationCOVID Vaccine Requirements against private companies. Senators have voiced several threats such as Ted Cruz or Roger Marshall about the possible closure of the government, because they are still convinced that the mandate is unconstitutional. “Does Senator Sumer want to turn off the economy? Does he want to create brown outs? Does he want to threaten national security? So as long as he makes sure that we do not fund this unconstitutional mandate, everything will be fine, “he said. Marshall pending agreement on Thursday.

Senator Ted Cruz may have been the one most opposed to this mandate, but everyone wonders how prepared he is to escalate events to force Biden administration provide mandates for these vaccines. “I believe we should use the leverage we have to fight illegal, unconstitutional and offensive decisions,” he said. Texas Sen. Ted cruise… But Cruz’s tactic is not new, he already used it back in 2013 to shut down the government during Obama administration in an attempt to justify Obamacare

Did Ted Cruise’s tactics work this time?

In short, they are not. However, he put in enough effort to Government reconcile a bill for temporary funding before the Friday deadline to avoid stopping. The law was passed on Thursday afternoon and only needs a signature. President Biden… Although the bill may have met with resistance from the outside Cruz and Marshall, the bill was eventually passed. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also told the media that the government did not close because almost no one on both sides considered it a good idea. Only Cruise and Marshall seems to think it was. Oh, hers too …

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