‘Gossip Girl’ returns and the exquisite revenge of Monet de Haan


Warning: This article contains spoilers for the second season of Gossip Girl. Good morning Upper East Siders. The acclaimed and reissued version of Gossip Girl is back and more mixed than ever. In the words of the show’s infamous narrator: “Did you miss me?” The first half of season two just debuted on HBO Max, and the misadventures of the privileged Brady Bunch and their vengeful high school teachers have been amplified since we left them. Multiple plot lines that are either controversial or catastrophic meet in the middle and viewers couldn’t, and still won’t, get enough of it. Audiences get a front row seat to view the lives of the elite and influential, knowing that even the wealthiest are not exempt from the rain of embarrassment, embarrassment, or just plain easy disaster.

The first season took place in 2021, 14 years since the original series aired in 2007. The reboot began with the resentful faculty of Constance Billard growing tired of being undermined, unseen, and discredited by elites and their privileged children. Therefore, the teachers decide to revamp the Gossip Girl blog that started during the original series. His mission of hers? To teach these teens a lesson they won’t learn in the curriculum: shame. This catalyst sets off many twists and turns as the page’s revival collides with many lives, but most of all, Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander), the pronounced queen of the school and her rich Scooby Doo gang. As Gossip Girl meddles with his every move, secrets are exposed – the blossoming throuple between Aki, Audrey and Max, and the post-protest make-out session Obie has with Julien, even if he’s with his sister. small). The fights reach a crescendo and the end of the first season implies that there will not be a happy ending for everyone.

Barbara Nitke/HBO Max

As the second season heavily spreads the load of the drama, it dives into what it means to be a villain and underscores that with money and wealth: everyone’s going to get a little ugly. This repeated version of Gossip Girl the pot of what defines a hero and opposite antagonist boils, as viewers were shocked to believe that Julien would be the rising phoenix to take up Blair Waldorf’s malicious legacy. Julien is the queen of Constance, reigning with influence over beauty and fashion choices. As such, she has been branded as an It Girl to everyone.

However, Monet de Haan is the real snake in the grass. And it’s exciting to see a star being born in Savannah Smith, the actor who plays her. To cool off, Monet spent character introductions of her in the first season being used as Julien’s publicist. She’s a fairy godmother, if you will, alongside the sharp Luna La (Zion Moreno), Julien’s other right-hand man. Monet focused her superior efforts on washing Julien’s dirty laundry so that the influencer could bask in the sun without ever worrying about the consequences.

Monet’s character represents the true struggles black women have been through, as it is considerably easier to be strong than to admit that you can be weak.

The rivalry between Julien and his younger half-sister, Zoya Lott, mimicked Serena van der Woodsen and Blair’s feud, as Zoya had the qualities of ambition, identification, and youth to send her brother to the guillotine. However, Julien would scratch the surface of the wicked character arc and suppress it once it reflected the relationship between her father, her ex-boyfriend Obie, and herself. The student was in a constant struggle, maintaining the influence driven by evil and deceit to float to the top on the one hand or the importance of love, friendship and self-esteem on the other. However, this kind of conflict between oneself and oneself continued to run up against the dangers of power. As Julien begins to fall from grace, Monet is already removing his crown.

Monet is handsome for many reasons. Many of the show’s characters portray themselves as well-intentioned to avoid discussing their own evil behavior. The catalyst for the show was fueled by underpaid teachers who believed that trespassing and shaming their student body would command gratitude and a generational change. It’s a thin disguise used to build his own influence. Monet’s Revenge is a breath of truth in many ways. He does not hide from envy or manipulation; she refines it. Monet is also not afraid of being the villain, a lesson many of the characters could learn if they would stop lying to themselves. Throughout the second season, he continues to devise plans to weaken Julien’s power armor so that he can ascend.

gossip girl savannah smith

Barbara Nitke/HBO Max

While everyone else can lie about their individual desires, Monet possesses qualities no one else has. She is honest, insightful and passionate. Even through her endless attempts to upstage Julien, there is a deep vulnerability and characterization to her that makes her exciting to watch. Monet’s need to be evil is projected onto the void of love. “I want to be loved,” she says in one of her episodes with Luna during her Valentine’s party. It’s a beautiful moment between the two of them. Monet’s character represents the true struggles black women have been through, as it is considerably easier to be strong than to admit that you can be weak.

Monet is the fine line between Kate Keller, the face behind Gossip Girl, and his mother Camille de Haan. Since Kate and Camille are supposed to fall on opposite spectrums, representing the pH balance of good and evil, Monet is the outlier. The storyline developed by Camille as a mother and businesswoman is supposed to vilify her character and, as one of the only hierarchy-driven black women on the show, she uses this as a weapon against someone like Kate. The joke is that the couple looks in the same direction in the mirror.

While watching this new season, one thing that changed my mind after watching the trailer is that there are two truths. Monet accepts that she is the villain, but everyone involved has embodied the role of Blair Waldorf in some way. The trailer creates the illusion that the one to watch out for is Monet when, in reality, everyone is a danger to others. She’s the true wild card of the show and Smith’s delivery of the witty teen makes her someone you can’t help but root for, no matter how hard it is for you to prefer otherwise. In the voice of Gossip Girl, you know you love her.

Gossip Girl season 2, part one is available to stream on HBO Max.

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