Gordon Brown and John Major support a Nuremberg-like court for Putin


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former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and John Major have agreed to show support this Saturday for an online campaign created to demand the trial of Russian President Vladimir Putin Invasion of Ukraineand his collaborators in a court similar to the one created in Nuremberg to try Nazi crimes after World War II.

the movement, which It has nearly 800,000 signatures, urging Putin and his collaborators to stand trial in a special court set up for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. “This new court is the key to protecting not just Ukraine, but the entire world from an attack that was illegal from the very beginning,” the online petition said.

Brown pointed out that it is crucial that Putin faces trialalthough he noted that “obviously, one of Ukraine’s options is to say that if there is peace, they will withdraw their demands for a trial of President Putin”.

“However, until that happens… I think we should insist that he goes to trial and that his accomplices go to trial, and I think that should put pressure on him because it’s a warning, I think The Russian people will start to understand,” he explained in an interview this Saturday BBC Radio 4.

The former prime minister also insisted that “if the message is not sent now”, if there were attacks in other countries, “they could also get away with it”.

Brown also assured in the interview that he considers Putin a war criminal: “This is what (President of the United States) Biden said, this is what I think”.

other 140 academics, lawyers and politicians signed campaign petitions such as BBC.

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