GOP Senators Plot Another Betrayal of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens


“Immediate danger posed by the lame duck session of Congress now underway.”

After Senate Republicans unite to abolish marriage and religious freedom, the next betrayal may be even more devastating to the survival of this country.

As usual, the talks are private and secret because we somehow became a country where politicians cut dirty deals behind closed doors where only special interests are allowed, resulting in disasters like ObamaCare and the Augmentation Act. of Inflation, but the calculated leaks are pretty bad.

The current status of the deal reportedly entails amnesty for at least 2 million illegal aliens in exchange for the usual “border security” fig leaf. As usual, foreigners get citizenship, the border becomes less secure.

“Depending on who wins the Senate runoff in Georgia, Democrats will need nine or 10 Republicans to pass any legislation in the new year.”

They got enough Senate Republicans on board to abolish religious liberty. So the alarms go off.

A broad coalition of hardline immigration groups and former Trump administration officials are sounding the alarm about a Democratic push to pass an amnesty for illegal immigrants in the final days of the current Congress, telling leaders Republicans to “take all necessary steps” to block that.

Groups including the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the Heritage Foundation, NumbersUSA and the America First Policy Institute have signed a letter to congressional leaders warning of an “immediate danger posed by the session of Congress now underway.” “.

There is skepticism that it will move forward. But it’s a critical demographic priority, which means that if there’s any chance of it moving forward, Democrats will prioritize it. And Senate Republicans will find ways to rationalize the betrayal. Some of the same Republicans who voted to abolish religious liberty are also vocal supporters of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Senator Thom Tillis provided crucial support for the abolition of marriage and is working on the sale of illegal immigrants. Senator Roy Blunt, who is retiring, also came out in favor of amnesty.

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, who will retire next year, signaled his support for legislation to protect Dreamers, calling it “a pretty easy thing to do if they want to do that.”

Ernesto is a big fan.

Senator Joni Ernst is venting her frustration with the proposed $1.3 trillion budget deal that Congress hopes to reach before a Friday night deadline, including the lack of a solution to protect young “Dreamers” from deportation.

He is also concerned that the package does not address the millions of thousands of immigrants who entered the country as minors but are temporarily protected from deportation by DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, “which is such an issue.” important to many of us. ”

“What they are trying to do is remove anything that might be controversial. At least that is what has been expressed to us,” Ernst told reporters on Thursday.

“I don’t see a DACA solution being that controversial anymore,” the Iowa Republican continued. “We have to find a way forward for our DACA recipients. It’s disappointing that we’re not seeing that in the legislation.”

Goal Senator Todd Young makes Ernst sound conservative.

Senator Todd Young said he supports a “pathway to legal status” for DACA recipients, known as Dreamers, as part of a broader immigration reform package.

That may be citizenship, it may not be,” Young said. “My expectation is that it would be difficult for a longer period of time to maintain any kind of legal status other than citizenship.”

However, Young is not confident that a deal can be reached before the November election.

“It’s unfortunate to say, but policy is outpacing good policy, and in this case, long-delayed policy,” Young said.

Young said that “nothing is more important” than giving Dreamers some degree of certainty.

Not to mention regular RINOs like Romney. There are a handful of senators potentially up for grabs here who are at least trying to pretend to be conservative constitutionalists by virtue of pointing out a few issues. They watch and see if anyone is paying attention before they vote. Is anyone paying attention?


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