Google’s stock split means you can now buy GOOGL for a fraction of the cost


Starting today, Google’s stock split begins.This means that many previously low-priced investors now have the opportunity to enter letter (Nasdaq:Google, Google) – one of the world’s largest tech companies – at a steep discount.

After months of deliberation, the 20-to-1 split sent shares of GOOG and GOOGL down to $112 a share. That’s a far cry from the roughly $2,300 GOOG stock closed Friday. Now, Alphabet is having a strong day in the market as traders pile into the stock after the split.

Investors have been waiting for GOOG’s stock split for a long time. In February, Alphabet announced that its board had approved the spin-off plan. That immediately sent the stock up more than 7%. Today marks the company’s first exit since the company’s spin-off, placing an added burden on investors to redeem discounted shares.

So far, investors have risen to the is trendy loyalty as one of the trading platforms most bought stocks This morning.The company also sees new interest Reddit The infamous r/WallStreetBets forum.

Google stock split boosts Alphabet

Today is Alphabet’s most recent stock split in nearly a decade. The company’s last stock split before today was a simple 2-for-1 split. This happened in 2014, when the company was still operating as Google.

Interestingly, Alphabet’s breakup also marks the end of the mega-market cap barrier for many of the world’s largest tech the alphabet and from Amazon (Nasdaq:Amazon) recent split – and apple (Nasdaq:apple) and from Tesla (Nasdaq:Tesla) latest split of 2020 – most notorious “square” The companies are trading at their lowest levels on record.This, coupled with a general technological crisis, has driven Nasdaq Compounds Year-to-date (YTD) is down more than 25%, and getting into some of the market’s biggest gainers has never been easier.

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