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Electric scooters allow you to move faster around the city because you can easily avoid red lights and traffic jams on the road. This means of transport is increasingly being used by city dwellers who wish to shorten their travel time.Take advantage of the Cdiscount discount on HITWAY electric scooters from only 539.99 euros.

Powerful and comfortable electric scooter

This adult electric scooter comes with a detachable seat and its electric motor has a decent power of 800 watts. It can cover a maximum distance of 40 kilometers thanks to its lithium-ion battery that provides long-term autonomy. The HITWAY scooter can reach a speed of 25 km/h, which is equivalent to the French regulation speed. An anti-theft mechanical lock system is integrated, to drive the scooter, the lock must be unlocked with a key. The LCD screen displays interesting information such as real-time speed, accumulated mileage, cruise control and more.

HITWAY electric scooter meets user expectations

HITWAY electric scooters can climb 15° slopes, which is usually enough. It can hold a maximum load of 200kg, which is larger compared to many other scooters on the market. User reviews of the HITWAY scooter are very positive, easy to assemble and of great build quality. The USB port next to the screen can charge your smartphone. With LED headlights and brake lights, you can use the scooter safely at night. The seats are comfortable and compact, making for a pleasant driving experience even on rough roads.

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