Golden State Warriors MVP Isn’t Stephen Curry

Tueand expected Jordan Pool to be a bit like some show business stars, bands or people in sports. His good streak in the first round of the playoffs would have given him high status in the NBA. In his debut in the Western Conference semi-finals, he made you forget those beliefs. He’s a player who thinks he’s a star, he plays like a star… So he’s probably a star.

Pool landed in the second round the same way he left the first round, with personality and variety in offense that was important in Golden State Warriors steal game 1 out memphis grizzlies. Something that was going to happen, according to all predictions, by all accounts. It also happened in the big series between Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celticsand the champion relies on the always impressive Giannis Antetokounmpo.

MVP Mode

in Splash Brothers no longer two. The biggest threat to Warriors was a duet Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson. They were a constant threat from the perimeter, they knew every detail of the post-season… What we didn’t know was that whoever faced the Bay Area team would also have to contend with a third threat in Jordan Pool.

The 22-year-old was MVP in six playoff games. Against Memphis he had to unlock Steve Kerra team with several decisive 3-pointers and impressive guts in front of the rim. His hand does not waver, he does not give up in front of stronger teams and is already averaging 22.7 points with six assists.

Ja Morant is back on the beat

Ja Morantgame against Warriors shows greatness grizzly point guard. He finished with 34 points and 10 assists, playing reminiscent of Derrick Rose in the prime of life. It is of fundamental importance for Memphis a team that performed spectacularly and was defeated only when golden state brought their arsenal out.

They will have a key match in the second game. Getting to a 1-1 score in San Francisco is very important, because otherwise a 4-0 score could be very real. in Warriors almost unstoppable in front of their home crowd, and even more so with the additional momentum of 0-2. They really need a miracle.

Bad Shooting Celtics

Beginning of the second round series between Boston and milwaukee showed that none of the teams are so strong, and none of them is a favorite. The scandalous draw against the Brooklyn Nets will not be repeated against the defending champions. Between Jaylene Brown, Jason Tatum and Marcus Smartthey only fired 13 shots out of 41. Ridiculous stats for winning a game and, logically, Bostonhome aspirations.

in Celtics defended at a high level, but stumbled upon this barrier in attack and much more convincingly bucks than in the first game against the Chicago Bulls.

What if Milwaukee is the favorite?

as with Warriors in the West, bucks“A great game in TD Garden should be appreciated. From being able to completely neutralize BostonAttack in the first half on the decisive Giannis Antetokounmpo Per second. Presentation of their bid to retain their title.

Only the first round left golden state and Boston as obvious rivals, but milwaukee deserves respect. They were unharmed against the Chicago Bulls and against Boston they confirmed they could defend much better than the Brooklyn Nets.


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