Golden State Warriors lost to Denver Nuggets


Tuehat night for Denver Nuggets and Nikola Djokic how are they visited the Chase Center encounter a Golden State Warriors. With Splash Brothers Back at 70% of their capacity, they must be at their best if they want to defeat the Joker and his Nuggets. Although they remained with a significant lead of 10 points for most of the game. The last minutes were key Jokic to provoke the return of the Nuggets. This is exactly what he did, giving Morris the final message that gave them the edge. last minute, Denver got the lead the first time but Stephen Curry added some tension when he restored it with the two remaining items. Five seconds on the clock and Jokic did what he did best, passed the ball Morris and a three-pointer was enough to win in the last minute, bypassing the siren.

Nikola Djokic was an absolute monster on both sides of the floor with 35 points and 17 rebounds that always kept the Nuggets right behind the Warriors. Although Stephen Curry also had some interesting moments, he scored only 25 points. Clay Thompson just got 16 this evening. Other Warriors players were also important such as Gary Payton II with 12 points and Jonathan Cuminga 12 more. Jordan Pool scored 15 and Kevin Looney got 13. But Jokic proved once again why he is one of the most important players this season in NBA. He was the main man who never gave up hope for the Nuggets and eventually came out victorious.

What’s next for the Nuggets and Warriors?

Even though they lost today’s game in the last second, Golden State Warriors still have a great record of 42-17. Then they will go north to meet with Portland Trail Blazers until Thursday next week. With a record of 33-25 they got today after this win, Denver Nuggets prove that they are one of the most interesting teams in the West. Keep in mind that this is the last game for both teams before the All-Star Weekend break. We’re enjoying the best of the best in the NBA: the competition on Saturday and the big game on Sunday. Let’s see what they have in store for this wildly anticipated weekend. we know it Jokic, Curry, Green and Wiggins will be part of this great evening.


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