“God, country and family”, the motto of Giorgia Meloni governing Italy


July 19, 1992, explosion car bomb Loading 100kg of explosives ends popular anti-Mafia judge’s life Paul Borsellino With his five bodyguards on the central street of Via Mariano D’Amelio Palermo. The next day, nearly 1,000 kilometers away, in Rome’s famous Garbatella neighborhood, a 15 years old Vigorously knocking on the door of the Youth Front, a Chinese youth organization Neo-Fascist Party Italian Social Movement (Male: yes).

it’s georgia meloniif her far-right party, the woman who could now be Italy’s future prime minister, brother from italy (italian fraternity), as all polls had predicted, won this Sunday’s election.

“I’m devastated by what happened to Bolsellino and I need to share my anger and find comfort in between people who think like me. I need clean people, outside the arrangements of low-level politics”. This is the word Meloni explains in his book Noi credit (2011) the origins of the political career that led to her joining MSI, an organization founded in 1946 by Dictator Benito Mussolini.

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Over the years, Meloni has combined a militant spirit with studies and part-time jobs that allow him to take money home. She’s a waitress, babysitter, and record seller. suffer bullying In college, study journalism in college.today he is 45 years olda harsh tone and a more immediate goal of becoming the first woman to lead a right-wing coalition to rule Italy.

In this sense, all national polls predict success.Although his formation barely managed 4.35% of the vote in the general election four years ago, now more than 25% in voting intent.Some results give him an edge over his main opponent, the center-left Democratic camp he leads Enrico Lettaunder the leadership of a progressive coalition.

They also allow you to go above and beyond your partners: allianceVice-President of the Council of Ministers and former Minister of the Interior, Matteo SalviniY Strength Italyformer prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Lega (Alliance) leader Matteo Salvini, Italian extreme sports leader Silvio Berlusconi and Italian Brotherhood leader Giorgio Meloni embrace Piazza del Popolo at the closing rally of the centre-right coalition campaign , .


Women, Mothers and Christians

These numbers are an example of the rapid rise of politics, the result of many factors, but most importantly Vibrant and overwhelming personality A woman who has successfully restored the most traditional Italian rights.

I am Georgia. I am a woman, mother, Italian and Christian.they won’t take it from me”, Meloni spoke out against gay legislation in 2019. The phrase later became electronic music theme Months of victories in major Italian nightclubs.

Those same ideas are now defended by the Italian Brotherhood, a political party he founded and led since 2012 with the slogan “God, country and family”.the same sign An appeal to fascism in the 1930s.

Precisely, part of Meloni’s popularity is her use of “a direct style when she speaks, she’s very clear and doesn’t beat around the bush,” she explains. MatthewProfessor of Contemporary History at the University of Rey Juan Carlos, This Spanish.

“I’m Georgia. I’m a woman, a mother, an Italian and a Christian. They won’t take it away from me”

Beyond slogans, Roman politics knew how to capitalize on its important history.Specifically, Re points out, “His lifetime Daughter abandoned by father She had to leave a nice neighborhood in Rome and move to the suburbs with her mother (Ana) and her sister (Arianna). ‘ She told of an experience herself i am georgiaautobiography strategic release By 2021, a technocratic government will be fully formed Mario Draghi.

She introduces herself as a self-made womanwho succeeded from nothing”, added. The truth is that Georgia Meloni’s story is at least one Perseverance and Opportunism.

opportunist or Anti-establishment?

At 19, Meloni, known for his dialectical tenacity, became the national leader of Azione Studentesca, the youth movement of Alianza Nacional, the heir to the MSI.ten years later She entered the House of Representatives, where until 2008 she served as the Vice-President of the House of Representatives.

This year, Berlusconi, the then leader of the government and the People’s Liberal Party, put Melloni Responsible for youth and sports portfolio. In 2012, he distanced himself knight – Formed Forza Italia – Formed Italian Brothers. Or, in his words, the “Party of Patriots.”

been able to wait and use the right timing,” the political scientist said Daniel v. Guisadoco-author of book SAlvini and melon. Children of the same age (2021). It refers to the decline of the traditional power of the Italian right, represented by Berlusconi and Salvini.



“The first, 85, is too old and too famous, and the second, obsessed with power, toppled his own government led by Draghi and proved unable to be a serious leader in the worst of the pandemic people,” he explained.

Meloni’s party is outlined as novelty within the known scope of the rights. The political scientist added: “His biography is far from the golden cradle of greatness and has become an opponent of all governments in this legislature.”

“Meloni built a biography far from the cradle of great gold and has become a true naysayer”

The truth is that the Italian Brothers are the only party not in Draghi’s cabinet, consisting of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5E), La Liga and Forza Italia.a government final implosion In July of this year, just a year and a half after its establishment, this led to the early election September 25th this year.

tiredness before italians constant political change This also has to do with the rapid takeoff of Hermanos de Italia. “The poll predicting 25 percent of the vote is an (almost desperate) way of saying: ‘We’ve tried everything else, we’re going to try these and see what happens,'” Re suggested.

Melloni used to build a successful reputation crisis.She calls herself a rebel Anti-establishment. like an objection”leftist lie”, but also against a right that did not come into being.

“She also profited from the poor campaign of progressive Democrat Enrico Letta, focused on her disqualification, and kept describing her as nostalgic for fascism,” Re added.

Fascism in disguise

She defines herself as “Conservative”, but its connection to fascism is obvious. Not only because the Italian brothers were born from the ashes of the MSI, but because of the founders of that extinct party, admiral george, is one of Meloni’s greatest references. “Honesty, coherence and courage. These are the values ​​that the Admiral passed on to the Italian right,” he said of the fascist leader who died 34 years ago.

between him teacher And then there was former dictator Benito Mussolini, who saw him as “a complex figure who had to be contextualized”. “Fair relations with fascism“, but later defended “Mussolini made some mistakes, like racial laws or supporting war, his system was autocratic…but historically he also produced a lot. “

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His fiery speech, based on the “traditional family” and the condemnation of “gender ideology” and the “Islamization” and “illegal immigration” suffered by Europe following the lines of ultra-conservative parties such as the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, she declared herself a great admirer. Likewise, former US President Donald Trump is a “role model” for Italians, who believes in “God, country and family”.

However, Meloni’s strategy during this campaign has been based on softening his aggressive rhetoric.For example, in August, he published a video — in Italian, English and French — in which he denounced fascism and denied Italian anti-democratic currents. “Fascism is decades ago‘ he clarified.

The sharpest shift, however, is its relationship with Europe.Since 2020, he has served as European Conservative and Reform Party (ECR, English abbreviation).Groups that bring together Eurosceptic rights in the European Parliament, such as the Spanish Vox or the French National led by Santiago Abascal Marine Le Pen.

From Euroskeptic to Europeanist

On the other hand, the extremist leader has tempered her anti-European rhetoric in recent months and reiterated that “not against Europe”, but advocates a “more efficient Europe”. Furthermore, He has always supported European unity, has been very strong on Atlanticist stances, and has sternly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Meloni wants his government to be a reliable partner. reason? “Money recycling fund Next Generation EUof which Italy is the main beneficiary, 191.5 billion euros.

‘You can’t give up 191.5 billion euros of next-generation EU funds’

“Meloni knew that if she became prime minister, she couldn’t live without that money. Ideologicalize your government isif it fails to protect citizens from economic storms in a politically unstable country like Italy, its days may be numbered,” Héctor Sánchez, a researcher at the Centre for International Affairs in Barcelona (CIDOB), explained to this newspaper.

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However, it is not enough to face Europe bravely. “With the Melloni government Social rights may be threatened tools such as the EU Conditional Mechanism, Used in Hungaryif there is a threat of violating the rule of law, the tap can be turned off,” Sanchez elaborated.

First of all, remember the experts, we will have to wait for the results this Sunday. Not only that :ehe President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellais the person who has the final say on the new cabinet.



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