Go back to your childhood with these Bershka sandals to be around the house


In fuchsia, these shoes are at the moment. So go back to your childhood with sandals Bershka To go home. You also take them to the pool or the beach.

It has a very light material so it is completely comfortable to wear them all the time.

Bershka sandals to be at home

In this fuchsia color, you do not go unnoticed anywhere. And it also reminds us of them flip flops as we had during childhood, for this reason we will travel to the past in this halo of wanting to be a girl or young person again.

In this case, it is sandal texture Barbie x Bershkto. It has a 4 cm platform, made of a fantastically light material. Barbie text is on the bucket and footbed.

what is it made of

Its upper and sole are made of 100% ethyl vinyl acetate. Something really comfortable that allows you to wear them calmly at home but also in the pool, both indoors and outdoors, and during the summer, like a day at the beach.

How to buy the sandals

This Bershka sandal has a cost of 22 euros, and the sizes are 36/37, 38/39 and 40/41. So you can choose yours now and before they run out because it is one of the most daring at the moment.

From Bershka they have other sandals in this style and which give magic to the summer. It is the flat with texture, which is on one price of 14.50 eurosyes; the plate with hearts, 28 euros; the tied platform sandal at a price of 28 euros; the platform with black and green buckles that costs 34 euros; and many other models.

Go back to your childhood with these Bershka sandals to be around the house

Such sandals can be purchased online directly on the web. On the other hand, if you go to one of the physical stores you can also see them, try and you can buy it there. In all cases, Online shopping is really convenientbecause you can do it and avoid displacements.

At the same Bershka website, not only are there sandals of various kinds, we can also complement shoes with matching shorts, spring pants, tops for summer, dresses to be at home or to go down to the beach. With strong style and offers everything you want this summer coming soon. Even if you wear them at home, you can already have them so that your comfort is total.

What are you waiting for to get it in this new season that has already begun? Do not be late, otherwise the clothes will run out.

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