Gloria Camilla’s “foot shot” against Rossio and Ortega


The appointment was made this Friday in Court No. 5 in Alcobendas. Rocío Carrasco attended the preliminary comments The lawsuit alleges that in response to a lawsuit filed by her sister Gloria Camila Ortega in September last year, she requested the display and reproduction of private documents “owned by Rocío Mohedano Jurado” in the lawsuit. Docu series next broadcast announcement In the name of Rossio It provoked a chain reaction between the most convincing Mohedanos and the artist’s widower José Ortega Cano. They worry that family problems or conflicts will be exposed and make them suspicious. In some cases, they are on the verge of mental breakdown.

Accompanied by her lawyer, Rocío Carrasco took a step forward this Friday morning and made a statement when she left the courtroom in which she announced a name: “I’m surprised I didn’t see Ortega Cano here”The reporters did not understand the cross-examination because the lawsuit was led by his sister Gloria Camilla. Carrasco insisted that he really wanted to see Ortega. According to the information I have, the eldest daughter announced the name of the real protagonist of the preliminary hearing just held in the judge’s office.Rossio did not reveal what happened there, but she did leave a clear message for those who want to know about it: «Finally I am forced to provide documents, This is the only thing in my life that I will not be willing to make a contribution.

Rocío Carrasco and her lawyer / GTRES

Absent court-not a litigant- Ortega is the great protagonist of this story His daughter Gloria Camila supported him as the plaintiff and protected the privacy of her mother Rocío Jurado. They want to know those works, those reflections left by the jury in white on black background. But what did Rossio write? Why didn’t she share it with her husband? What would it be? They understand that the law helps them, and they go to court to ask them to be protected by Article 256 of the LEC, desperately trying to find out, especially when this happens, to prevent them from being published. Ortega and Gloria have not dealt with Rocio Carrasco in years Both confirmed the distance between them in the media. Maybe it would be more logical to honestly try to talk to her privately. The eldest daughter of the jury announced on television in August this year that she has not yet decided whether to use all of her mother’s work in the documentary series she is preparing — she calls it reflection. Taking the matter to court and following the attention of the media-Ortega confirmed the existence of these works in an interview-opened the door to third parties. Gloria Camilla not only sued her sister Rocio, but also sued a network and television production company.

Jose Ortega Cano
Jose Ortega Cano in File Image/Gtres

After the first objection was rejected, the decision to put forward a preliminary procedural request led Carrasco to come forward and fulfilled their request this Friday. It seems to me that his presence before the judge put Ortega Cano into trouble. As I can confirm, after listening to Rocío Carrasco and asking her to provide what they wanted, Gloria Camila’s lawyer Enrique Trebolle-defended her father in an unfortunate traffic accident, which resulted in the death of the other driver- Ask the judge not to include the document in the litigation file; That’s it, they pass the one claimed in the law. It doesn’t seem logical, or they have already shot in the foot. Carrasco commented on this at the end of the hearing: “There are many people who insist on providing documents, but now it turns out that the hearing is very insistent that the documents provided be removed from the procedure.”Carrasco gave Orte a name when he left the stadium.

Gloria Camila in Seville.  /Gtres
Gloria Camila in Seville. /Gtres

It seems incomprehensible to go to court to formally ask for something and then not want to own it. Although Rocío did not include the “reflections” of her mother in the series, their transcendence is unstoppable. The gunfire has turned to them. At the end of the hearing, Attorney Trebor announced that Carrasco must have deceived the producer and the audience or the judge because he promised at the hearing that he would not show any documents in court. program. It’s better not to mention anything else, just say that Rocio is lying. I know Gloria Camila wants to give her father the best, but maybe he hides himself in his love as a daughter and doesn’t measure it. You know what the jury wrote. The judge must now make a decision.

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