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New disappointment Gloria Camilla OrtegaAfter learning that she currently claimed that she took her sister to court to obtain her mother’s writings, she already knew the unfortunate news. Starring series, Two kinds of life, There will be no second season. TVE decided not to renew the second season after falling short of expectations. Will the Colombian continue her acting career, or is it just fleeting?

Gloria Camilla, “Dos Vidas” / RTVE

The public chain novel started airing on January 25. People have high hopes that it will attract the attention of the audience from Monday to Friday afternoon. The target was missed. After a detailed analysis of the collected data, the person in charge of the chain informed Bambú Producciones that there will be no more episodes. The audience is so small that it can’t even resist competition (Love is forever with help me) Means the trigger.

This is the frustration of Gloria Camila Chloe In the novel this means his Debut in the show business. An aspect that was unknown before that. It has been a year since his first performance image appeared. In addition, it goes without saying that the young woman found an oasis on TV, where there was no dispute or family breakdown, where she was seen as another interpreter of the actor, not her daughter.

Gloria Camilla,
Gloria Camilla, “Dos Vidas” / RTVE

The plot of this movie stands out because of its location in the duality of time. The first was in the Spanish Guinea colony in the 1950s and the second today. The team traveled to multiple locations, the most spectacular being the Anaga Rural Park (Tenerife) and some outlying areas of the Madrid community.

The decision to cancel it does not mean that it will immediately disappear from the TV. More than 180 episodes have been broadcast, but it is reported that it will exceed the 200 mark.According to reports, TVE will not stop broadcasting until at least February 2022 TV people. Until then, we can continue to enjoy the adventure of Gloria Camila Ortega playing the young Cloe.

Gloria Camila at the wedding / Gtres
Gloria Camila at the wedding / Gtres

His start in the show business was not without controversy. Gloria has been criticized by prominent figures in the industry such as Angy Fernández, Melani Olivares, Freda Lorente, Teté Delgado, Mar Regueras and Marisol Ayuso. The latter is very harsh in her statement: «Is this lady an actor? You haven’t studied, you are not an actor… But what have you done in this industry? What is your work record? It’s because I don’t understand anything,” commented. On its own, the first to emphasize inequality of opportunity: “I really want to work now. If it also leaves room for the rest of us, that’s great. I think that with everything she has experienced and the ex-boyfriend she has, I believe she has received enough criticism».

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