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go back to work.After she took her first step as an actress in the series Two kinds of life, Gloria Camilla returned to the small screen as a contributor. The new Telecinco project proposed by Sonsoles Ónega has signed Rocío Jurado’s daughter Next Monday, that is, on the 15th, he will stop at the chain store. It’s eight o’clock It’s a new adventure. Not only will Rocio Carrasco’s sister embark on an adventure, but there will also be other familiar faces. Media set Like some talk shows Fresh. So this time Influencer Will also match Rosa BenitoThe predecessor of Amador Mohedano has always been very harsh towards Rocío Carrasco. Would Gloria Camila himself object to this, or would he prefer to stay behind the scenes when it comes to family issues? If this is not enough, Marta Riesco will also be part of the cast, One of the key figures in a relationship with Antonio David Flores in recent weeks.

Gloria Camila in a black dress / Gtres

Although Gloria Camila has extensive experience as a commentator on the set Reality, All eyes are on her, see how she is here New experience for dealing with current problemsHis role has a lot of responsibility, because this show is a new bet for Telecinco and will even change the TV grid we’ve been used to in recent weeks.last hour A story no one knows It will be eliminated permanently to make room for Sonsoles Ónega and his team in a project that is expected to be a complete success.

Ortega Cano’s daughter appeared in It’s eight o’clock This is the key. In recent months, due to the release of the documentary, his family has been placed at the center of the hurricane. Rossio: Tell the truth to liveAlthough she prefers to stay on the sidelines on this issue, the second part of her sister’s upcoming documentary made Gloria come forward and go to court to witness Rocío Jurado’s documents. . Carrasco It’s locked up.

Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores wearing masks / Gtres
Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores wearing masks / Gtres

The end of one phase and the beginning of another

After nine months as an actress, Gloria Camila received sad news. Due to poor audience data, her debut series ended unexpectedlyIt was a blow to Rocío Jurado’s daughter, she seemed to finally find her place on TV in a novel, and her role in it went far beyond a cameo.

I am deeply saddened and proud of all the achievements in the professional field in 2021, Jose Fernando She was forced to say goodbye to all co-stars and Spanish television. Now that the young woman is back on the channel, she has witnessed her growing up as part of a plan that aims to make Telecinco’s afternoon full of life. help me.

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