Gloria Camila reappears to officially introduce her partner


Not even two months have passed since Gloria Camila chose to move away from the media focus given the difficult situation her father and his wife were going through, and yet, she has already reappeared, although willing to remain absent from the different programs of television in which he previously collaborated. Ortega Cano’s daughter continues to accommodate the different public events that she has to attend given her status as a content creator and with the sole objective of growing on social networks like Instagram, which has become her main source of income. and where it accumulates almost 900 thousand followers. What none of them could imagine is that His last publication was going to be marked by his most romantic sidecarrying out a full-fledged declaration of intent.

Ana María Aldón, Ortega Cano and Gloria Camila in Madrid

I don’t usually upload photos at this personal and intimate level, but I think this photo deserved it and especially for my woli”, she began by explaining in a post in which she appears with none other than her boyfriend David: “Woli is a rather reserved person, introverted at first until he loosens up and gains confidence, then you laugh out loud with him. My wolito is an uncle 10. Great, respectful, educated, with aspirations in life, and with many values. He also has a lot of love to give (to me) and he has shown it from the first day, 3 years ago and until now, ”continues the daughter of Rocío Jurado, hinting that she has found her perfect life partner. .

But her testimony has not stopped there, and Rocío Flores’s aunt has continued to praise her partner: “He has been by my side, supporting me, helping me, giving me the value that I deserve for him, giving me my place, and when I have not been present, he has put himself in my place and has pushed mine forward. For this and many other things, this photo deserved to be uploaded and shared with you, because I want and must thank him for everything he does for me, and above all because when I fall, he is always there to get me up and take care of me as always. Thank you, thank you and thank you David. I LOVE YOU”, settled Rocío Carrasco’s sister, thus officially presenting David García, the mysterious man who has already established himself as one of the fundamental pillars in the young woman’s life, having remained by her side in turbulent moments such as those that They have happened in recent months, in which a family war has broken out between her and Ana María Aldón that does not seem to have come to fruition.

Gloria Camila and José Ortega Cano / Gtres
Gloria Camila and Jose Ortega Cano

As it could not be otherwise, the comments of an endless number of well-known faces to the publication in question have not taken long to arrive. Rosa Benito, Omar Sánchez or Rosario Mohedano They have wanted to offer their full support to Gloria Camila with some precious words such as “what a beautiful couple”, thus demonstrating that David has managed to sneak into their hearts and that he is now one of the family.


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