Girls Summit: Tamara Falcó, Isabel Preysler and Ana Boyer join in the absence of Mario Vargas


Without a doubt, last week was the closest thing to an emotional roller coaster for Tamara Falcó.Although it was September 22 The Marquise of Grignon happily announced her engagement to Íñigo Onieva, just hours after a compromising video of her boyfriend kissing another girl came to light This keeps future weddings in check.Something that can go further, choose winner chef celebrity Put the land in the middle with the employer.

Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva in Madrid / Gtres

Although Tamara did not want to elaborate on her relationship with Inigo After these controversial images came to light at film festivals burning man, everything shows that he is taking refuge in his relatives, which, how could it be his mother. In fact, when the news broke and became part of the TV front page, Isabel Pressler alone at home in Jerome as Mario Vargas Llosa previously left Spain to return to his country and toured northern Peru in preparation for his next novel.

Mario Vargas Llosa
Mario Vargas Llosa has a good relationship with Tamara Falcó / Gtres

obviously Nobel Prize He arrived in the city of Trujillo on September 21, the day before his partner’s daughter announced her next wedding to Oneeva and everything she brought afterward. In addition, during his stay, he was able to enjoy the company of his children: Morgana, Gonzalo and Álvaro, at the Huanchaco Spa, although this made the visit completely discreet and closed so as not to have anything to talk about. In addition, on Friday, September 23, with all the lights pointing to Tamara, the author had the opportunity to visit the Royal Mausoleum of the Sipan National Museum in Lambayeque.

Knowing that Mario Vargas Llosa needs support now more than ever, more than 9,000 km from the place also known as “Queen of Hearts”, fits perfectly Ana Boyer wants to return to Spain to be a pillar of her sister and fatherOne. In this way, everything shows that, given the latest events around the collaborators, the Puerta de Hierro mansion is the perfect place for a secret meeting of families and women. Anthill.

Photo by Tamara Falcó, Isabel Preysler and Ana Boyer / Gtres
Photo by Tamara Falcó, Isabel Preysler and Ana Boyer / Gtres

After learning that a video of Íñigo Onieva with a mysterious brunette girl was recorded only three weeks ago, the Marquise of Grignon packed up and moved back to the home she shares with her mother. Her partner, therefore, has her closest friends nearby to overcome this very difficult and unexpected pothole in their love story.Added his elder sistergiven the repercussions of the businessman’s infidelity to Carlos Falco’s daughter, who did not want to leave her alone, and has flown from Qatar to Madrid, it is unclear if there is a return date.


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