Giorgia Meloni excludes Matteo Salvini from Home Office or any other ‘key ministries’


The day after the election, winner, championfar right leader Georgia Mellonidedicating it to the home and gym “to reduce stress”, while also calling for a fast executive to meet the demands of its alliance partners, Liga and Forza Italia, and to be able to start Dialogue with Brussels.

For political analysts, Meloni has ruled out coalition leader Matteo Salvini as interior ministerwas highly questioned by party aristocrats for its poor results in these elections, as it did not exceed 9 percent and was down sharply from 28 percent in the 2018 general election.

It’s a department Salvini wants to return to to reapply his security laws and crackdown on immigration, even though he’s on the bench for blocking it for more than 20 days The arrival of the ship of the Spanish NGO Open Arms There are a hundred immigrants, which could be opposed by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who has to confirm the minister.

According to newspaper reports republic Salvini ‘can now stop dreaming about demanding key ministries’ Rework the script that led him to bomb and harass Conte on a daily basis and impatient Draghi. The Italian newspaper reported that if he did not comply with Meloni’s demands, he risked throwing everything away.

What may happen is that you end up taking on other responsibilities for managing your portfolio. Because after all, as Italian analysts have pointed out, it is better to have Salvini full than empty.

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Guido Crosseto, along with the founder of the Italian brothers Meloni and one of his main advisers, pledged that “the best will be chosen” regardless of party affiliation. Crosseto left the party a few years ago but is now gaining the most far-right Italian executive position since the fascist era.

“If anyone thinks that the new executive branch will be created according to the Sinchelli Manual – a political formula that assigns ministries according to the weight of the majority party in government – as is known – or by planting party flags in the ministries, they are dead wrong. Meloni government will build by selecting the best assets“, he said in an interview published in the newspaper on Tuesday. messenger.

One of Meloni’s phone calls was to the acting prime minister, Mario Draghiaccording to Italian media reports, in view of the budget deadline, to start a dialogue in order to submit the budget as soon as possible.

The intentions of the next executive must be reflected in the draft budget plan, which must be submitted to the European Commission by October 15, as the deadline cannot be met because the government has not yet been formed, and the government could be ready by the end of the same month at the earliest.

therefore, Italy may ask for extension to submit textwhich will immediately become a budget bill that the new parliament must approve by December 31.

Despite the separation of Salvini, Meloni appears to be able to leave the Ministry of Economic Development to the coalition, where Giancarlo Giorgetti, the economic “guru” of the Sovereign Party, now sits.

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Despite Crosetto’s assurances that ministries will not be “assigned”, Forza Italia claims at a surprising 8.3% that there are at least four ministries, at least one of which is significant to Antonio Tajani, perhaps foreign affairs, his long experience in Europe.

Minister of Economy

Giorgia Meloni toned down her anti-European rhetoric during the campaign, first because a constructive dialogue with Brussels was needed to ensure the next tranche of European money had to arrive and to review some of the details of the recovery plan proposed by Italy. It is necessary to allocate more money to the energy crisis, as he promised in the campaign.

In the past, Mattarella vetoed Paul Savona’s support in the economic portfolio because he favored leaving the euro, this time Meloni will lead in ministerial elections: “A very serious person who knows how to keep books and has a strategic vision for growth”, as she explains herself.

While figures like Giulio Tremonti, already Silvio Berlusconi’s economy minister and now in Meloni’s party, cannot be persuaded, people “Technology” can be selected: Fabio Panetta, economist and former CEO of Bank of Italy Chairman of the Insurance Supervisory Association, member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank.

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Panetta will be a figure who can reassure the market And be able to talk to Brussels to rearrange the use of European funds in the event of rising energy prices.

Regarding the head of the economy, Crosseto assured: “We need someone with authority, because the Minister of Economy is the first position to be judged not only in Italy but abroad.”

“The government will not move forward if the turmoil starts because of a bad name choice, and Melloni has long recognized that”he warned.



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