Ghost of Kiev, urban legend of Ukraine about the pilot-hero-ace


If you are looking for a conflict between Russia as well as Ukraineyou may have already stumbled upon the urban legend of ‘Ghost of Kiev’. Twitter is going crazy over the alleged appearance of the unlikely Ukrainian jet pilot who has already shot down six confirmed Russian enemy aircraft. There are images of an airplane flying through cities and taking care of enemies. But there is still no confirmation of this hero, who accomplished a feat that very few fighter pilots can accomplish in their entire career. It is reported that on Thursday, flying a MiG-29 fighter, this pilot shot down 6 Russian aircraft and became the first recognized fighter ace of the 21st century.

In Air Force jargon, an ace fighter is a pilot who somehow manages to shoot down at least 6 enemy planes. A feat that is exceedingly difficult to accomplish, which is why it has not been accomplished so far in this century. What makes this feat so difficult is that the kills take place in the air. At the moment, “Kiev Ghosts” shot down 2 Su-35 fighters, 1 Su-27, 1 MiG-29 and 2 Su-25 aircraft. At 4:20 am in the center of Kiev, clean debris was falling in the city center. The city’s Defense Ministry confirmed that they managed to intercept another Russian aircraft at the time. If this urban legend is confirmed and he is responsible for the last downed plane, then this will be the 7th Ghost of Kiev in a row.

Ukraine confirms that they have restored one of the airports.

Earlier Thursday, the Ukrainian defense won the Battle of Gostomel as they held out against Russian troops and recaptured the international airport on the outskirts of Kiev. This airport is considered a key asset of Moscow for the transfer of more troops and equipment to the capital. On the ground, CNN recorded a firefight between the stationed Ukrainian forces and the Russian military, who were unable to enter the area. Due to the lack of air support, Russia was unable to take this important airport. Later that day, the Ukrainian National Guard posted a photo of three hero soldiers holding a bullet-riddled flag. This story and the story of the “Ghost of Kiev” help the people of Ukraine to keep hope.


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