Ghislaine Maxwell is under surveillance for suicide ahead of sentencing


gramHislaine Maxwell is currently being held in a Brooklyn detention center after being found guilty of a number of crimes involving sex with children. USAbut she is now under surveillance for suicide before sentencing.

This comes after her accomplice, Jeffrey Epsteinwas able to take his own life while in police custody, giving rise to a number of online conspiracy theories.

Maxwell she faces five criminal charges, including sex trafficking in minors, and was placed under suicide watch before her sentencing in an attempt to keep her from committing suicide, though her lawyer believes this is unlikely.

“Yesterday, without a psychological examination and without justification, the MDK put Miss Maxwell on suicidal watch” Bobby Sternheim proposed in a letter to the court.

Ghislaine Maxwell is not suicidal

According to her lawyers, Maxwell not suicidal before sentencing, as external psychologists have assessed.

Miss Maxwell was suddenly withdrawn from the general mass and returned to solitary confinement, this time without any clothes, toothpaste, soap or legal documents,” the letter says.

“She was given a death robe and several sheets of toilet paper upon request.

“This morning the psychologist assessed Miss Maxwell and decided that she was not suicidal.”

Controversy surrounds the high-profile nature of this case, especially with people online speculating uncontrollably about what Maxwell might uncover if she gets a prison sentence that fills the rest of her natural life.

What is Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of?

MaxwellThe initial trial found her guilty on five of the six counts in the child sex crimes case, with convictions on the following charges:

  • Trafficking in minors for the purpose of sexual exploitation
  • Conspiracy to induce a minor to engage in interstate commerce with the intent to engage in illicit sexual activities
  • Conspiracy to transport a minor for travel in interstate commerce with the intent to engage in illegal sexual activities
  • Transportation of a minor for the purpose of engaging in illegal sexual activities
  • Conspiracy to traffic minors for sexual exploitation


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