Ghislaine Maxwell case: Epstein victim describes ‘hell’s sexual dungeon’ and suicide attempts


FROMconvicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has just been sentenced to 20 years in prison for being part of a pedophile gang run by Jeffrey Epstein. On the final day of sentencing, a number of their victims were allowed to speak and make a few remarks. None of the statements were as debilitating and horrifying as that of Sarah Ransom, who was lured to Epstein’s sex island when she was only 22 years old.

She goes on to describe how she was raped up to three times a day and how she attempted suicide twice, once in 2008 and once in 2018. almost died. Earlier Tuesday, her testimony was convincing before Ghislaine’s verdict was handed down.

The horrifying testimony of Sarah Ransome.

Here are the words of Sarah Ransome: “Shortly after they had lulled me and others into a false sense of comfort and security, they swooped in, trapping us in their twisted, twisted world of rape, rape, and more rape. Like at the Hotel California, you can check in the Epstein-Maxwell sex hell dungeon, but you can never get out young women over three decades old continue to insist on their innocence?

“Thanks to her wealth, social position and connections, she considers herself impeccable and above the law. A life sentence won’t change her, but it will give the other survivors and me a little sense of justice. and help us as we continue to work to recover from the sex trafficking hell she unleashed. I often experience flashbacks and wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares, reliving the horrific experience.”

Ransome ended with the following statement: “I am hyper-vigilant, have extreme mood swings, and avoid certain places, situations, and people. Sometimes I start crying uncontrollably and for no apparent reason. I have worked diligently with several mental health professionals who have diagnosed me. with extreme symptoms of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a tendency to self-harm.”

There is a documentary series on Netflix that chronicles many of the crimes committed by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Ransome also has important accounts of what happened there. On Tuesday, she was accompanied by other victims to the courthouse. She will forever be a hero in the fight for women’s rights for what she did.


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