Germany: Weather Hooligans Storm University Lecture Hall, Endorse Hamas, Demand Annihilation Of Israel


“Climate thugs want the annihilation of Israel”, translated from “Klima-Chaoten wollen Auslöschung Israels”, by Stefan Schlagenhaufer, Bild, December 9, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

Frankfurt – The occupation of the University of Frankfurt in the name of climate is becoming a growing scandal. First, some thugs beat up the policemen. Now it’s out: During the occupation there were leaflets supporting the annihilation of Israel.

On Tuesday, 50 climate thugs stormed the law conference room, demanding, like the street gluers, highway blockers, airport squatters and art throwers, to phase out fossil fuels.

The climate protectors have taken off their masks in Frankfurt: They are thugs!

They even pushed members of the state parliament out of the conference room.

It didn’t stop there. At the back of the conference room, a person held fliers with harrowing messages: “We consider Hamas a resistance movement against Zionism and imperialism.”

Hamas is a terrorist organization that is outlawed throughout the world and wants to wipe out Israel. And further: “From this perspective, we unconditionally support Hamas in its military and non-military struggle against Israel.”

Councilor Nathaniel Ritter (24, FDP) is stunned: “The occupation of conference rooms by left-wing anti-Semites is a new level of escalation. It is one thing that climate protection should not come at the expense of student education. Abusing him for illegal activities with an anti-Semitic background is another. I am surprised that something like this is possible at my university and that people are supportive”.

The squatters at the university also have the support of “Fridays for Future” and the teachers’ union GEW.

If you look at this tweet from the climate strikers from the Frankfurt Friday school, you’ll know how the education of the climate fighters is going (a little tip: “Vorgen” should mean “Vorgang”):

Calvin Löw (24), parliamentary group leader of the Liberal University Group (LHG): “At the event, anti-Semitic leaflets were distributed, in which they expressed solidarity with the terrorist organization Hamas and incitement against Israel. Antifa flags were also raised. We call on the university to take consistent action against anti-constitutional and anti-Semitic groups that glorify terrorism. Such organizations should not find a place in a university.”

Löw continues: “In this context, LHG Frankfurt is surprised that the General Student Council (AStA) is on the side of the squatters.”

On Tuesday morning at 10 a.m., the culminating chaos, calling itself “End Fossil: Occupy,” occupied Goethe University.

Ten hours of siege followed with a sofa, hi-fi equipment, fridge and many political and populist slogans. Activists call for traffic change, the end of the fossil age. They are supported by the AStA (the general student committee is the political representation of the students and traditionally of the left). Its members posted: “Solidarity with the occupation of the conference room”.

The police arrived at 7:45 pm Clear for an hour. One by one they left the university building. The rest have to go through an identity check. There is no trace of the AstA anymore…

In front of the conference room: loud shouting, whistling. Supporters of the protest and other climate mayhem felt caught off guard and mistreated. They then harassed Member of Parliament Dr. Stefan Naas (49, FDP).

A police spokesman: “Only four of them refused. The police initiated criminal proceedings against these four for trespassing. Two of them also have to answer for assaulting law enforcement officers because they suddenly hit two police officers on the head and face and injured them.”

And now the police beatings are accompanied by open hatred of Israel.


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