Germany seizes world’s largest yacht from Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov: cost 600 million


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German authorities seize mega yacht owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanovvalue of a boat nearly $600 million, After the billionaire was sanctioned by the EU.

Usmanov is one of them Russian businessman punished EU response this week Invasion of Ukrainebrussels by deeming it to be “One of the most popular oligarchs” and courses “puppet” President’s, Vladimir Putin.

according to Forbesthe yacht has been at the German company Blohm+Voss’ shipyard in the city since October Hamburger.

Usmanov allegedly paid a German company $600 million for the ship in 2016, which customized it within 52 months.It is 156 meters long and weighs about 16,000 tons, according to The world’s largest yacht by total weight and usually have Crew of 96 people.

According to these media reports, Dilbar Largest swimming pool ever installed on a yacht, Helipad, Sauna and Gym 12 suites can accommodate 24 people.

$14 billion

Usmanov, businessman in metal industry And has invested heavily in companies in different fields, with a fortune currently estimated by Forbes over $14 billion This puts him at number 99 on the magazine’s list of millionaires.

This week Usmanov stepped down as president of the International Fencing Federation following EU sanctions.

The oligarch issued a statement on the FIE website in which he assured that the EU decision was “unfair” and based on “a series of false and defamatory allegations” that damaged his “honor, dignity and business reputation”. “. .

Russian-Ukrainian War


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