Germany says Nord Stream banned forever: ‘Corrosion is irreversible’


As suspicions of sabotage grow north stream media, the first assessment came after a leak was detected in a natural gas pipeline on Tuesday. German authorities believe a gas leak in the Baltic Sea has rendered Nord Stream 1 and 2 permanently unusable.This is how German newspapers are progressing correct daily mirrorciting sources from the Olaf Scholz government.

Based on these assessments, the damage will not be repaired quickly and seawater will seep into the pipes, causing corrosion irreversibleclick on that medium.

Danish executives have warned on Wednesday that investigations into three leaks in the Baltic gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 and 2 could be delayed. few weeks until the area can be safely inspected. All three spills occurred in international waters: two in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone and one in Sweden.

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“Possible Destruction”

German Defense Minister, Christina Lambrechthas attributed this Wednesday to leaks detected in Nord-Stream 1 and 2 “likely to be compromised”.

However, the head of the German economy and climate protection, robert Harbeckto avoid speculation about the cause of these leaks, arguing that it is premature to do so.

Subsequently, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said in front of the media that everything points to “Intentional” behavior and possible destruction.

At the same time, Russia will demand A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the UN Security Council held a meeting to discuss the leak, Maria Zakharova.

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“Russia intends to hold a formal meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss provocations against the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines,” he said on the Telegram channel.

EU warning

This alliance European The (EU) also warned on Wednesday that it would have a “strong and unified response” to any “deliberate disruption of Europe’s energy infrastructure” following the discovery of three spills in the Baltic Sea yesterday.

Both pipes are out of service.This North Stream 1The company, which came online in 2011, cut supply a few weeks ago after an oil spill at the only Russian compressor station Russia claims is still operating.

This North Stream 2, Its construction began in 2011 and was never commissioned because Germany suspended the authorization process due to Moscow’s recognition of the self-proclaimed separatist republic of Donbass.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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