Germany: In Trial, Muslim Migrant Says ‘Allah Decide’, Judge Says ‘We Will Leave Allah Out, Here I Decide’


For now.

“We will leave Allah out of this, here I decide!”, translated from “„Allah lassen wir außen vor, hier entscheide ich!”, by Max Tabaczynski, Bild, November 29, 2022 (thanks to Medforth) :

Bautzen (Saxony) – He claimed that the witnesses were bought, they kept interrupting – and regretted how bad it was for him!

Serial offender Tarek T. (45, allegedly a former police officer) was in the dock at the Bautzen district court on Tuesday. In front of him: the tough judge Dr. Dirk Hertle (60).

When the prosecutor Jens-Hagen Josinger (58) read out the nine charges (multiple bodily harm, insults, dangerous interference with road traffic, robbery with robbery), the Libyan interrupted. Hertle chided him clearly.

Even before the first testimony, the defendant said: There are “people who are paid here to testify.” But he can barely remember anything. He addressed the alleged victims by his first name. Then the defendant said: “I don’t understand anything!”

Dr. Hertle replied, “You’ll understand in a minute!”

He made it clear to the Libyan that there was no probation and said that he could impose up to four years in prison.

But the serial offender does not rest. “You want something, I want something, Allah decides in the end,” he tells the judge. He replies: “We will leave Allah out, here I decide!”

The trial continues.


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