Germany imposes strict restrictions on travelers from Spain: quarantine for 10 days or negative for 5 days

This midnight has taken effect Stricter restrictions For travelers People who entered Germany from Spain, Where the incidence rate continues to decline. The German government on Thursday added Spain, Portugal, the United States, Finland, Monaco and Cyprus to the list of countries at high risk of new crown pneumonia.

Therefore, starting this Saturday, Spaniards travelling to Germany must Isolate for 10 days Can be shortened by providing one Tested negative five days after arrival Go to Germany. for Less than six years, The quarantine will end five days after entering Germany, no test is required.

To enter Germany, all passengers over 6 years old must present Proof that the complete guide has been received of The vaccine against Covid may have overcome the coronavirus or Negative test.

The cumulative incidence in Germany dropped to 242.9 new infections per 100,000 residents Seven days later, it was 265.8 yesterday, 321.8 a week ago, 419.7 a month ago, and a peak of 452.4 on November 29.

21 million people have not been vaccinated

Health authorities notified 22,214 new infections According to data updated by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Virology Institute yesterday morning, 157 people died of covid-19 within 24 hours, compared with 42,813 and 414 a week ago, while the number of active cases was about 783,700.
As of Friday, 73.8% of the population (61.4 million people) have been vaccinated, 70.8% (58.9 million people) have been vaccinated as planned, and 35.9% (29.9 million people) have been vaccinated. now 21.7 million people-26.2% of the population-have not been vaccinated; 4 million people under four years-4.8%-still do not have a vaccine.


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