Germany demands stronger NATO protection: ‘We don’t know where Putin’s delusions will go’


German Defense Minister, Christine Lambertraised the tone ahead of a NATO meeting on Saturday and asked NATO to step up its precautions The threat posed by Russia and its presidentVladimir Putin, because ‘We don’t know how far Putin’s grandiose fantasy can go’.

“One thing is certain: the current situation shows that we have to do more together,” Lambrecht said during a visit to German troops deployed in Lithuania. “Russian brutal aggression against Ukraine is increasing every day, showing that the Kremlin has no scruples… Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons shows that its authorities are unscrupulous. “he asserted.

The United States (United States) has repeatedly reiterated that there is no indication that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons, although it sometimes refers to Vladimir Putin’s ‘nuclear saber rattles’.

Germany first deployed troops to NATO member Lithuania, which shares a border with Russia, in 2017. Kremlin annexes Crimea. It decided to significantly increase the number of troops sent to the mission in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24.

Lambrecht opened a permanent German command center in Lithuania on Friday According to the agency, the goal is to be able to help Lithuania and, if necessary, mobilize troops from the German army within 10 days Reuters.

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A NATO brigade of 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers could, according to Berlin calculations, move troops quickly to the new command center to help the 1,000 recruits stationed in the enclave on permanent defensive duties.

‘We stand with allies’Lambrecht said. “We’ve heard about threats from Moscow to Lithuania because the country has imposed European sanctions on the border with Kaliningrad. These are not the first threats they’ve received from the Kremlin, so I think we should take it very seriously Treat them. Seriously and be prepared”, the German minister assured.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have asked NATO to strengthen protection of the region and have troops ready to fight. Since Putin decided to launch his “special operation”, Europe is facing its greatest threat of war since the end of the Cold War..

But NATO countries are reluctant to compromise on establishing a permanent base in the Baltic states, which would cost billions of dollars and would be difficult to maintain. Coalition members may not have enough troops and weapons, and NATO’s permanent presence in the region could backfire as Moscow interprets it as a huge provocation.

That’s why NATO’s alternative would be to assign thousands of soldiers to those in berths or “standby” In a country like Germany, where there is a real threat, they have the ability to join as reinforcements if necessary.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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