Germany arrests perpetrator of alleged murder of two young police officers


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German police on Monday arrested two men, aged 38 and 32, in the Saarland region, which borders France, on suspicion of murdering two agents that took place yesterday morning.

Saree police source reports two arrests, during the roadblock, photos, names, Andreas Johannes Schmitt and one of the suspects, aged 38, were released in the media.

It is understood he has a criminal record and a weapons licence, trades wildlife and owns a bakery in the area.

It is presumed that he acted with another man, whose age was only revealed after his arrest. Quick identification of the first person was possible because his documents were found at the scene of the incident.

Police began a search after the deaths of two agents, aged 24 and 29, a woman and a man.s, during traffic control, at 4:20 am, land According to reports, the Rhineland-Palatinate, located high above the town of Ulmet, next to the Saar River Eph.

The police couple radioed their central station to inform them that a car would be inspected and they found a dead prey in the trunk of the car.

intermediaryStill at the police academy, he can’t even use his weapon, according to an ongoing investigation He was shot in the head and died instantly..

His fellow patrolman reported her death by radio (“They were shooting at us,” he said), and he opened fire immediately, but also suffered fatal head injuries, and died shortly after.

Police launched a strong search operation for the attacker or attackers. Suppose there are two people, one of them is armed.

Authorities have sought clues about the car they escaped through social networks, radio and television, and have expanded the search to neighboring countries.

The incident caused a great uproar in Germany and deserved the condemnation of the entire parliamentary community, from Prime Minister Olaf Schultz’s coalition and the main opposition party.

Home Secretary Nancy Father likened the police’s death to an “execution”.


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