Germany and Austria refuse to turn off gas taps in Russia: ‘It’s not good for us’


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Germany and Austria they huddle in your Firmly oppose turning off gas taps from Russia.Despite widespread unrest in Europe, Berlin and Vienna reiterated their rejection of an energy embargo on Monday Images from the Russian massacre in the Ukrainian city of Bukha. In the case of the French President, Emmanuel Macronproposed a more limited veto, which would affect Only Russian oil and coaleasier to replace in the short term than natural gas.

“We want to reduce our dependence on Russia’s energy imports to the EU in a short period of time, and Germany to back new sanctions on Russia“German finance minister, liberal says Christian Lindnerafter arriving at the Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg.

“We have to put more pressure on Putin, we have to isolate Russia, we have to cut off all economic relations with Russia. But it is not possible to cut off the gas supply at present. We need some time, so we now have to differentiate between oil, coal and gas,” argued Lindner. Does that mean Berlin will support an oil and coal embargo against Russia? “I wouldn’t speculate,” he said. .

Austria disapproves of more sanctions affecting natural gas. We are very dependent on Russian gas and we think sanctions that hit us harder than the Russians are not a good thing for us. That’s why we oppose sanctions on oil and gas,” the Austrian finance minister said. Magnus Bruner.

Didn’t even the Ukrainian war crimes make Austria change its position? “Of course, what happens there is very tough, but always calm on sanctions. If sanctions hurt you more than the other side, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do,” the Austrian minister replied.

There are very clear signs that war crimes have been committed“, the French president condemned in an interview with Inter France. “What happened in Boucha requires a new round of sanctions and very clear measures, so we will coordinate with our European partners, especially with Germany,” the French president said. Announce.

“I think with oil and coal we have to be able to move forward. Obviously we have to move forward with sanctions. We cannot accept that,” insisted Macron, who never mentioned gas.

For her part, First Vice President Nadia Calviño, Avoid clarifying whether Pedro Sanchez’s government will support the EU energy embargo After the Bukha massacre, there was a full-scale counterattack against Russia.

“Spain’s position is clear: to close any possible gaps, to try to impose effective sanctions so that we can achieve the desired goal as soon as possible, which is to stop Putin’s war, with minimal cost and negative impact on the European economy and society‘, he limited himself to pointing out.

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