German press outraged by Japan goal knocking them out of World Cup


The German team were eliminated in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar for the second time in a row, repeating the disaster of Russia 2018. The German press showed its outrage in its sports media after the controversial goal that gave victory to Japan in view of Spain and knocked them out of the tournament.

Germany failed in this Qatar World Cup stay out of the group stage with a squad consisting of Spain, Japan and Costa Rica. But the German press opens its sports portals in the image of the controversy which excluded them from the World Cup. Japan’s controversial goal that gave them victory against Spain left the selection of browse removed.

The German press has shown its indignation because it understands that this balloon came out of the result even if the VAR He claimed the bullet did not come out at all. But the photo goes around the world and in the German country they cannot give credit to a goal that for them should not have come on the scoreboard and which they understand has dramatically eliminated them of the World Cup.

The Spanish team mastered the game with victory thanks to a goal from morata and that gave him the pass for Germany. But at the start of the second half, two goals from Japan In five minutes, the second with much controversy, they turned things around and the Japanese qualified first in the group. Spain passed second and Germany close to Costa Rica they’re going home. The Germans also had to beat the Ticos as the Central American team was several minutes ahead on the scoreboard. A group ending full of tension.


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