German election voter turnout fell by 4 points for the first time in 16 years without Merkel


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The German Electoral College opened at 8:00 this Sunday. The European Union (EU) has the most populous country to hold a general election, and the country will be selected. The end of the “Angela Merkel era”, After 16 years in power.

The participation rate reached 36.5% around 2:00 pm (local time), 4 points less than what was registered at the time of 2017, Although it must be taken into account that voting by mail is not considered there.

The Election Committee gave this percentage half a day after the election and they were called to Approximately 60 million residents.

The final participation rate in 2017 was 76.2%. Then mailed ballots accounted for 28.6% of the total votes. It is now estimated that it will hit a record high, which may exceed 40%.

this The polling station will close at 6:00 pm. (Local time), after the public television ARD and ZDF will start to broadcast the export polls, and then vote predictions.

The latest polls show that the Deputy Prime Minister’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) has a slight advantage by one or two points. Olaf Schultz, In front of the conservative candidate and Merkel’s co-religiousist Armin Laschet (Armin Laschet).

Therefore, after an election campaign marked by the president, the outcome of the election is uncertain. Trends in opinion polls change.

In March, opinion polls showed Green partyLed by Annalena Baerbock, ranked first in terms of voting intentions. After the centrist Rushett was appointed as the candidate, the conservative group continued to climb, and Schultz seemed to be ranked third.

The situation suddenly happened in favor of Social Democratic Party, Between the end of August and the beginning of September. Predictions began to soar, which helped Scholz become the most popular player, 5 points ahead of Raschelt.

In the final stage, the distance is shortened, coupled with the fragmentation of voting Point out that the future government will be a tripartite, Who leads.

The average percentage given to the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is 25%, while the average percentage given to the conservative group formed by the Christian Democratic Union and its sister society, the Bavarian Social Christian Union (CDU/CSU) is 22%.

The Green Party ranks third with 16%, while the Liberal Party (FDP) and the far-right German Choice Party (AfD) are expected to be 11%. The party’s closing rate is over 5%, and the minimum requirement for a seat in La Izquierda is 6%.

Government formula

Provides several possible formulas for the creation of the next German government, but does not rule out republishing A great alliance between conservatives and social democratic parties. Theoretically can be combined Schultz SPD Cooperate with the Green Party and the Liberal Party; the other one can compare the Social Democratic Party with the Green Party and the Left, which is very controversial.

Another formula can be Conservatives, greens and liberal alliances, This is an option tried four years ago, but according to their leader Christian Lindner’s latest statement, it seems to be reopening. Only the far-right AfD is completely excluded as an ally by other parties.

The first vote is estimated to be broadcast by the two national public television networks ARD and ZDF immediately after the school closes, and is based on export polls.

Soon after, voting predictions will begin to air. The Election Commission warned that The final result may be delayed, Given the high percentage of mailed votes, this may hit a record high.

In 2017, 28.6% of voters of former generals did so via email. The participation rate was 76.2%.

This Sunday’s regional elections were also held in the Berlin city-state and in the “land” of Mecklenburg-Ante Pomerania in the northeast under the rule of the Social Democratic Party.

In the German capital, large real estate companies have also been expropriated, driven by citizen initiatives, in an attempt to curb housing prices.


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