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As the German legislative election approaches on September 26, world Keep activity logs. Daily updates, including events, images, polls, clips, slogans, numbers, and keywords, allowing you to follow and experience the election competition. Angela Merkel will step down as Prime Minister for 16 years .

Germany’s last major mobilization to address climate change dates back to September 20, 2019: On the same day, the Angela Merkel government put forward a “climate plan”, and hundreds of thousands of Germans responded to the call of Friday’s movement for the future. In Berlin alone, it claims to have 270,000 participants.

Two years later, at the same time, the Constitutional Court of Karlsruhe forced the government to review its copy, arguing that its plan to tackle global warming endangered the younger generation, but they came back, this time two days before the German parliamentary elections. According to the organizer, more than 620,000 people participated in this new “climate strike”, Friday, September 24, in about 470 German cities.

On September 24, the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg came to Berlin to participate in the

On this day of international mobilization-“Future Friday” announced more than 1,500 events around the world-it is Germany, because of its political news, which is the center of the movement and symbolizes Greta Thunberg’s arrival in Berlin.

“We must continue to take to the streets and demand that our leaders take concrete actions that benefit the climate”, The young Swedish activist launched an attack on a group of demonstrators gathered in front of the parliament building where the German parliamentarians are located.

“Parties are not doing enough” Regarding the climate, Greta Thunberg lamented, and the demonstrators, most of them teenagers and families, waved slogans and banners announcing “Earth has a fever” Where “Stop Coal”.

To mobilize his supporters in Cologne in the west of the country, the SPD candidate Olaf Scholz promised that he would embody “Renew” After Angela Merkel has been in power for 4 terms and 16 years, he has been Minister of Finance since 2018.

“Climate change is a major global disaster, and that’s why today’s young people who say that something must be done now are right. This is what we are going to do, we Social Democrats.”, He promised.

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