Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia caught at romantic dinner in Paris


More than ten years have passed Gerard Peake Yes Shakira They choose to put aside what one might think of publicly expressing their love. Perhaps what they can’t imagine is that ten years later, with the arrival of a new woman in the footballer’s life, their paths will be divided in such a radical way.It’s nothing more than Clara Chia, a new fantasy in Catalan His identity has been known since he split from the Colombian two months ago.

Shakira and Gerard Peake scene / Gtres

At that moment, alarms sounded from all corners of the world, and more and more people wanted to know the details of the life of the young woman who conquered the heart of the Barcelona defender. The truth is that their love would develop in a nightclub, then she would go on to work at Gerrard’s and start a love story that seems to be getting stronger and stronger.proof is The last vacation, where both starred, has become increasingly popular on social networks, with many users sharing photos of the new couple Enjoy a romantic evening at one of the hotel’s restaurants city ​​of light.

In the snapshot in question, it can be seen how Pique made the most of a rest day without being called up by the Spanish national team, here’s why He wanted to walk his love around the neighbouring city in order to leave behind the closedness they were accustomed to in Spain and enjoy some freedom. In this way, these photos are added to previously posted photos​​. Hi! Implying that football players and students will be very excited about this new phase, with their loved ones keeping an eye on romance at all times, so there’s a lot of support from the couple on this controversial love journey.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira in the car / Gtres
Gerard Piqué and Shakira in the car / Gtres

The trip to Paris comes as the athlete is immersed in a legal battle with Shakira to reach a deal over the futures of their two shared children.And, while the one from Barranquilla prefers to take them to Miami, he opted to let the two minors continue their day-to-day activities in Barcelona, ​​forced to justice Given that the ex-couple has yet to reach an agreement of any kind in a peaceful manner, the intervention was taken. Now, we’ll have to wait the next few months to see if the singer or the footballer finally gets his way, or if one of the two has to back down until the kids are of legal age and can decide for themselves.


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