Georgina Rodríguez’s latest photo after learning of twin pregnancy


Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez After announcing that they would add family members, they became the two protagonists of the day.Advanced news Hi! A few hours later, the happy couple confirmed this through their social network, and they also revealed a very important detail: this is a multiple pregnancy.We are happy to announce We are expecting twins. Our hearts are full of love and we are eager to see you», the two wrote a photo on their Instagram profile, each of them posing with an ultrasound of one of the children.

Georgina in a leather jacket / Gtres

After learning the great news, all eyes were on the young woman from Huesca, trying to guess whether she had a belly when she last showed up.the fact is Georgina is already wearing a generous appearance Tried to mislead and not provide clues about his condition in recent days, but in recent weeks it did It has more curves. Just a few days ago, someone saw her walking on the streets of Manchester. She is now living there with her children. Looking at them again, there is indeed a beautiful curve in her abdomen.This young woman dressed in a suit jeansWellington’s boots, white turtleneck sweater and black leather jacket made no secret of his happy state.

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez in Manchester/Gtres

Although he was only 27 years old, he always knew he wanted a great family. In fact, it is on the right track, exactly cWith the birth of two babies, there will be 6 children in the familyThe striker is the father of 11-year-old Cristiano Jr. and the twins Mateo and Eva, as well as Rodriguez, Alana Martina and the next two children. Models treat them as their own children, always showing her most maternal side.

Georgina is 12 weeks old, It is 3 months, so the baby whose gender is not yet known is expected to be born next spring. Another unknown detail is where the children will come to the world, because although they are now living in the UK, both of them have close ties with Spain on work and family issues.

In the past few months, this child is not the only child born in the family. Georgina’s sister, IvanaWith his partner Carlos Garcia, who is known as a Portuguese bust sculptor, They are also expecting a childOf course, she has been there for a few months, so she will be the first to give birth.

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