Georgina Rodríguez: the fashion queen with her own wardrobe


Five years after he became famous, Georgina Rodriguez As it turns out, she has a passion for the fashion industry.It was evident from his first appearance but was seen in detail in his successful broadcast Reality on Netflix. In the episode, he surprises everyone by promising that he has no problem wearing Inditex or Decathlon because he loves tracksuits, but the truth is, most of his clothing They are really luxurious.

Balmain, Gucci or Prada are some of the brands that can be found in your dressing room.the clothes they wear 5,000 EUR overall value. And they don’t necessarily have to go to a red carpet or high-end event.We saw her go to the gym a few weeks ago wearing more than that amount: a Chanel bag forever White leather (€4,800), adidas Stan Smith shoes for €70 and some Gymshark leggings for $40. Indeed, the bag puts a luxurious note.

Georgina Rodríguez opens up about her life to viewers on her reality show, letting them witness how she chooses her clothes before heading off to an event or trip.For example, one of her “babies,” her so-called Moments, suggested she wear a dress from Balmainwhose prices range from 1,800 euros.

Georgina Rodriguez in Sanremo.

If there’s anything Georgina has, it’s a chameleon-like ability to interpret luxury in her own way, often with a sense of sportiness. Another example of a luxurious but sporty look she wore when she arrived at Sanremo in 2020. Alo Yoga leggings (€93) with fitted jacket Balmain (€1,550) with double gold buttons and large lapels. As footwear, some white platform sneakers, Nike Air Force (€110). Complementing this, the striking red Prada handbag and the iconic Louis Vuitton clutch, valued at €744, are priced at €1,250. 1,994 euro bags, economic total close to 3,500 euros.

The Spanish model has been stepping up her luxury clothing. However, on his first date with Cristiano Ronaldo, he has already shown his refined taste. Keep in mind a style consisting of a DSquared2 jacket, 1,195 euros; Levi’s jeans, 120 euros; and some Gucci slippers, 850 euros. Her time as a salesperson at the Italian company provided inspiration for the clothes she had always dreamed of wearing, and which she owned almost overnight.

Her other big passion for luxury is handbags. Georgina Rodríguez has a diverse multi-million dollar collection, among which the crown jewel stands out: Birkin Hermes “Himalayan Diamonds”worth more than EUR 300,000as it features an 18-carat white diamond in the clasp.


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