Georgina Rodríguez finalizes an express move to Madrid awaiting Cristiano’s new destination


Three countries and two continents in just 9 days. Georgina Rodríguez continues unstoppable and due to the rhythm she shows. In little more than a week, Jaca’s has traveled from Manchester to Las Vegas to present a Grammy award, film her docureality, fly to Madrid and continue filming and end the week returning to Manchester to reunite with her children. However, this week may be the last in the English city. With the departure of Cristiano from the British club, nothing ties them there anymore. LOOK has been able to find out first-hand what the couple’s immediate plans are and tells them exclusively. And it is that according to a source close to the couple, Gio’s visit to the capital of Spain had more than one purpose. Ronaldo would open him in charge of supervising the preparation of the Madrid house to welcome them in the coming weeks while waiting for the World Cup to end and their future to be decided.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez talking / Gtres

As published by the tabloid ‘The Sun’ last Saturday, November 26, the player’s extensive collection of cars has already begun to be moved and the influencer herself has been in charge of organizing the two removals: the departure from Manchester and the landing with cars and suitcases in Madrid. The Portuguese star’s girlfriend is, without a doubt, the person he trusts the most at the moment and to whom he entrusts the greatest responsibilities. According to a source very close to her environment, “Gio and the children no longer live in Manchester, or at least, they will stop living in the next few days. The couple has chosen Madrid as their headquarters while awaiting a new destination for the player”. The one who writes this text soon asked if this return to Madrid could be indicative of the player’s return to Real Madrid or because of a surprise signing by the “colchoneros”, to which they reply: “Ronaldo’s professional future is known to him and Jorge Mendes. I doubt that the family or Georgina herself knows for sure what is going to happen. Going back to play in Spain seems like a remote possibility to me”.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez in Cardiff / Gtres
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez in Cardiff / Gtres

The futuristic mansion in Portugal still under construction

Cristiano’s abrupt departure from Manchester United has changed the family’s pace. Many may be surprised by the fact that they have chosen Madrid as their headquarters while awaiting the final professional outcome. However, the choice is not so strange if you look closely. Madrid is the city where Georgina feels at home. Cristiano’s eldest son lived here his early years and still has friends from school and from the Real Madrid children’s club today., team where he debuted. In addition, the pharaonic house that CR7 is building in the Portuguese town of Cascais, very close to Lisbon, will only be ready in June 2023 if there are no delays. Madrid takes center stage and ends up being the most logical destination in this moment of impasse.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez, with their daughters / Instagram
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez, with their daughters / Instagram

whatChristmas in Madrid or Dubai?

With the transfer in the next few days to Madrid, there are, however, some unknowns in the air. Where will they spend this Christmas? LOOK has been able to know that this year Ronaldo has preferred to reduce the number of diners on Christmas Eve and that his family will go to spend the holidays in Brazil, at his sister Katia’s house. Family relationships are not going through his best moment and the footballer has preferred to put land in the middle between his girlfriend and his mother. Madrid would then have all the ballots to host the holidays. However, it is not ruled out that they can spend those days in Dubai. As reported by the Portuguese program ‘Manhã CM’, Gio’s presence in the World Cup in Qatar is expected if Portugal advances to the next phase of the qualifying round. However, in the words of commentator Leo Caeiro, Gio would have preferred to stay in Dubai and not in Qatar. If we take into account that the player has spent some Christmases at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, the possibility is not remote. But there is a doubt that persists and that will dictate all the movements of the couple in the coming weeks: Where will Cristiano Ronaldo go to play? We will know soon.


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