Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo: The Whole Truth About Their (Not) Crisis


There are two countries in the Iberian Peninsula, the truth is that each has its own star theme.if in spain Infidelity of Inigo Oneeva Continued tail kicking in Portugal is another issue. Media in neighboring countries have speculated about a possible couple’s crisis for a week. Georgina Rodriguez Yes Cristiano Ronaldo. From various magazines is that “The couple wears out naturally after a 6-year relationship, and this is exacerbated by Gio’s absence, who hasn’t lingered at home for almost the entire month of September.” However, as you can tell Lookthis crisis does not exist, or at least not according to the Portuguese media.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a true national icon of his country. This has led to Georgina also being one of the women most persecuted by the Portuguese media, who talk about her every day, nicely describing her projects, all her steps or the already infamous disagreements with some members of the Aveiro family . News of a couple’s crisis has left many in the dust, and the TV show has a dedicated talk show. But what is the truth of all this? As this number has been able to know, very little.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo walk / Gtres

All sources of solvency ensure this number The couple remain “as strong and united as ever. Check out the photos posted by the player himself this week of Georgina enjoying a smiling dinner at home with all the kids”However, they do not hide the fact that it has become a reality: “There is no exhaustion of the couple, but a huge emotional exhaustion of Cristiano Ronaldo”. On the CMTV network’s Manhã CM, a reference to the chronicle of Portuguese society’s problems, they dared to speak out: “No dress is found on this couple, but on Cristiano. It’s an emotional drain, based on two The key: first, the end of a footballer’s career, and second, die One of the twins they were expecting. “

Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo / Instagram @cristiano
Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo / Instagram @cristiano

In the magazine, hosted by Duarte Siopa and Ágata Rodríguez, two very popular presenters in the neighbouring country, the grief the player has experienced in recent weeks is delved into: “You have to remember that CR7 has not managed his career. Ending him feeling uncomfortable in Manchester, we all know he did everything to leave the club. To that we have to add something deeper like losing a child. Georgina at home and in faith for the next few weeks take refuge, Cristiano’s quick return to work doesn’t deal with mourning at that moment. Gio is gradually doing this. In April, Cristiano put everything on his back and moved on, and now, once the summer is over, it’s all on him: the grief of losing a baby, and seeing no club expect anything from him “.

Christians seek healing

Jordan Peterson, a famous psychologist who has been seeing Ronaldo at his Manchester home, sounded the alarm: “I went to his house and we talked for two hours. He showed me all his Equipped to look his best, we chatted about his company, what he wants in the future, and some of the hurdles he faces.. Cristiano Ronaldo suffers from depression and seeks treatment”. Little is known about his mentality or that he will be in charge of helping the Portuguese crack after Peterson is not confident.

Cristiano Ronaldo, shot down during the match / Gtres
Cristiano Ronaldo, shot down during the match / Gtres

Pronounced is rosemary merchandise, ex-player: “We have to support Cristiano who is out of shape. Couple crisis I don’t think so, but he’s sad about his situation in Manchester. He’s given us so much, maybe it’s time for us to give him back. “On top of that, he himself seemed to realize he needed support. For now, in Georgina, her family and Portuguese, he seems to have found it.


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