Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin key to Democrats’ hold on Senate


After a long election night game Democrats and game Republicans Two of those formations were hotly contested over a Senate victory in the Senate swing state Or swing states, where Democrats are already one step ahead, snatching a senator from their opponent.

Specifically, after nearly six hours of counting votes, Democratic nominee John Fettman narrowly defeated Republican Senator Mohamed Oz in the race for the Pennsylvania seat by more than 100,000 votes.

Furthermore, if the parties maintained most of their feud until a few hours ago, then new York, Colorado, Oregon anyone California for Democrats; Kansas, Oklahoma, Indiana anyone Alabama For Republicans, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia could A clear victory for the democrats.

According to media forecasts, snowfall Yes the state of Wisconsin There will be Republican representatives and Arizona Democrats, while in Georgia, candidates may have to go to the second round (with a third candidate) after no one gets the requisite 50% of the vote.

Therefore, if the review advances these results, game Republicans won’t get most of it camera High Americans will have to wait for Georgia’s second-round results to see if Joe Biden’s party loses its Senate majority thanks to the vice president’s tie-breaking vote. Kamala Harris.


In the latter state, with 96 percent of the vote, the contest between Democratic senators Raphael Warnock Republican nominee Herschel Walker remained on edge after winning multiple first places throughout the night.

Warnock had 1,928,000 votes, just 14,000 more than Walker, a former Trump-backed football player who has sparked controversy and has garnered support from 1,914,000 people to date.

If neither candidate gets at least 50 percent of the vote (49.1 percent for Democrats and 48.8 percent for Republicans), Georgia is destined for a tie on the special day. a few months later.

In the northeast of the country, Republican Senator Ron Johnson came close to defeating Democratic candidate Mandela Barnes, although he still has a chance to turn things around.

With 93 percent of the votes counted, Johnson got 1.31 million votes, while Barnes got 1.28. The current gap between the two candidates is just 40,000 votes.

However, even with a win in Wisconsin, the GOP would have to take two senators from the Democrats, a situation that seems difficult at the moment.

It was on the other coast of the United States, where the Democrats dominated Arizona, with astronaut Mark Kelly overtaking Republican nominee Blake Masters by more than 120,000 votes with 54 percent of the vote.

If the race for the Arizona seat continues like this, Kelly will consolidate the Senate two years after Sen. John McCain, who died in 2020, and cement a Democratic victory in the upper chamber. Also, Nevada – the other most contentious state – Democrat Kathryn Cortez-Masto, who initially faced a tough Senate re-election, has so far been able to reverse the vote and is 4 points ahead of Adam Laxalt , the Republican candidate.

During the campaign, Cortez-Masto has been linked to the Biden administration’s economic measures and the inflationary process facing the United States, a fact Lexalt has used to criticize his opponent. With control of the Senate, Republicans would have the power to support or overthrow public officials or judges appointed by the U.S. president, making it difficult for Biden to legislate if he wins the House.

The upper house is currently divided between the two main parties with 50 seats each, however, breaking the tie for the current Senate chair, held by Biden’s “number two” Kamala Harris.



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