Georgia Meloni and The Hobbit: The First Woman to Lead Italy’s Enthusiasm for The Lord of the Rings


Rome, Piazza del Popolo, late Thursday afternoon.It was the last rally for the right-wing electoral campaign in Italy, where the coalition is holding on the eve of the next general election this Sunday even an absolute majority In the Alpine Parliament, according to the latest polls published in the country two weeks ago. After speeches by Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia) and Matteo Salvini (La Liga), it was the turn of the big favourite Giorgia Meloni and the crowd was eager Expect him to be the nationalist star of the moment.

Just before Meloni took the stage, a man’s voice finally appeared before the audience in the historic Roman Forum. The manly voice, deep and radio, with a cinematic tone, is that of Pino Incegno, the famous Trans Mountain voiceover for hundreds of films in the country, in the form of boots. Just before Meloni’s anticipation came, the voiceover uttered: “When the age of men fails, the age of wolves and shields will come, But it’s not a day! Today we are going to fight! Voice actor Pino Insegno simply recited a passage from The Lord of the Rings, one of the most inspiring works by Giorgia Meloni, a favorite in Italy’s upcoming election.

“I believe Tolkien Can Explain It Better Than We Conservatives Believe”, the current European Conservative Party President Meloni once said. Georgia Meloni, the leader of the Italian Nationalist Brotherhood (HDI) party, has more than once expressed her opinion on the famous fantasy literature written by the famous British writer JRR Tolkien The passion of the legendary Lord of the Rings.

A ring that rules them all…

The head of the Italian Brotherhood (HDI) will not miss the opportunity to recall events related to the famous series of books by the South African-born British author on social networks. “JRR Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings and many other extraordinary books that have represented the imaginations of generations, was born today. I hope my daughters too will read and learn from your unforgettable stories of great value and meaning,” Melloni, who had posted on her Twitter social network account, matched the British writer’s birth date, adding: “Thank you for teaching us to believe and dream.

Have Connecting Merlony, Tolkien and Conservatism With Catholic nuances. Throughout his life, JRR Tolkien repeatedly referred to the connection between Christian and Catholic messages and fantasy literature. The point is that Giorgia Meloni gave it a twist, starting to treat the famous Lord of the Rings saga as a kind of “sacred text,” as the American newspaper The New York Times wrote a few days ago. Giorgia Meloni was already a youth member of his first party, Alianza Nacional (AN); she was very fond of JRR Tolkien’s brilliant literature, and many of her classmates used the quintessence of the Lord of the Rings saga Nicknames to call each other.

EU reluctantly prepares for turbulent relationship with super Giorgia Meloni’s Italy

But why are you so obsessed with The Lord of the Rings?In addition to being recognized as an internationally successful genre and work, beyond everyone’s legitimate personal taste; the fantastic imagery in JRR Tolkien’s work reproduces the Nature, Middle Ages, Tradition and Myth.

…and bind them in the dark

In fact, the world reinforces the conservative message of nationalist parties like Brothers in Italy (HDI), which Giorgia Meloni himself founded a decade ago to re-launch extreme politics in the boot-shaped country. right wing Leaving Silvio Berlusconi’s pro-Europe plan.

In a practical sense, Tolkien’s wondrous semiotics, which fascinated Meloni’s young pals, allowed them to have myths to believewas able to park Mussolini in the context of Italian democracy after the end of World War II.

Rural and urban. Tradition and Globalization. Next Sunday, as leader of the Italian Brotherhood (HDI), Georgia Meloni will play an important game not only in politics, but also in symbolism. In the country’s latest poll, released 15 days ago, 24 percent of the votes went to her; Meloni will try to defend some kind of Italian idea. This may also affect other rights in the EU.



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