Genoveva Casanova reveals the wish of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo after the family ‘slam’


Last weekend it promised to be an excuse for the expected rapprochement between the members of the Alba family to take place, but nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the fact that Cayetano Martínez de Irujo had made an effort to prepare a mass to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the death of his mother, the truth is that none of his brothers wanted to go near the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Gypsies, the sanctuary in which they rest the mortal remains of the duchess. Something that at first could have made the Duke of Arjona feel bad, who later spoke with the team of LOOK to reveal the reasons why neither Carlos nor Fernando had attended despite having previously confirmed their attendance.

Genoveva Casanova at the photocall of the Aquazzura party in Madrid / Gtres

However, the one who did stay by his side was his ex. Given the affection that he maintains towards the Count of Salvatierra, Genoveva Casanova did not miss the opportunity to move to the aforementioned enclave to say goodbye again to what was her mother-in-law. A movement with which she has once again shown that she is fully invested in the pain of her former husband, despite both having already started separate paths. That is why, on the occasion of her reappearance at the opening party of the first Aquazzura boutique in Madrid, the Mexican has attended the media without any qualms, admitting that “Cayetano would have liked his brothers to have gone to his mother’s funeral”. A few words with which he suggests that, despite the fact that at first there were quarrels between Cayetano Martínez and the rest of the family, the truth is that for him they would already be part of the past and he would be willing to smooth things out with all his brothers from the best way: paying tribute to the Duchess of Alba.

Genoveva Casanova at the photocall of the Aquazzura / Gtres party
Genoveva Casanova at the photocall of the Aquazzura party in Madrid / Gtres

On the other hand, Genoveva Casanova did not want to miss the opportunity to talk about the controversial images that she starred in just a week ago. The one from Mexico was captured by the magazines Week in some snapshots with which rumors began to emerge about a possible sentimental relationship with José Manuel Gayán Pacheco, a Sevillian rancher who was invited to his birthday party due to a good friendly relationship that they had and that perhaps could have led to something more. Even so, and despite all the comments that have revolved around her, Cayetano’s ex wanted to ensure that “she does not have a partner”although that does not mean that she is not open to meeting people and perhaps to be excited again with a person with whom she shares her passion for the animal world and especially for horses, in addition to being both immersed in solidarity issues of the same nature and for which they could have starred in an international trip.


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