Gennady Golovkin: Judges are no longer loyal to Canelo


B.Boxing fans in the modern era were lucky enough to watch one of the biggest rivalries between two boxers. Muhammad Ali as well as Joe Frazier first fought, then Mike Tyson against. Evander Holyfield.

Now this generation is getting Canelo Alvarez as well as Gennady Golovkinwho lead a fierce civil strife for centuries. Fans are thrilled to see this graceful duel between two of the best boxers of this generation.

in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas there will be a scene on September 17 where these two titans meet. Opponents have not criticized each other at press briefings for several weeks.

Although Canelo doesn’t bother him at all, Gennady Golovkin expressed his confidence in defeating Alvarez, saying “Canelo doesn’t bother me at all, but when a person has a lot of bad traits, traits that prevent him from living a normal life, it bothers him. watch right now.”

“In his last fight, a knockout was not needed. [to beat him]. It is encouraging that the judges are no longer loyal to Canelo. They don’t feel the weight of his image,” he added.

“Insolence,” said Golovkin, “and impudence is punishable.”

Canelo Alvarez focused on beating GGG

The Mexican boxer has just recovered from his first defeat since the fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2013. Canelo Alvarez defeated by Russian boxer Dmitry Bivol in the past. After that, Alvarez will fight Golovkin.

The Mexican said, discussing his goals and aspirations: “I think it will be a good fight. But my goal is to finish the fight before 12 rounds.”

Both fighters seem confident enough and are rarely seen in the ring. When they first met in 2017, the fight ended in a controversial draw. They met again the following year to work out their differences.

The rematch was brutal and both contestants left nothing to chance in the ring. ring magazine also called him “Fight of the Year” Then the Mexican was declared the winner in a competitive match.


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