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Dr. Anne McCloskey: GP suspended for comments on the Covid-19 vaccine

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legendDr. Anne McCloskey says she supports her comments on the vaccine

A Londonderry general practitioner was suspended for commenting on the Covid-19 vaccination plan.

Former Aontú consultant Dr. Anne McCloskey expressed her concerns about young people receiving the Covid-19 vaccine in a video on social media.

The Health and Social Care Commission (HSCB) stated that “as a preventive measure, Dr. McCloskey is conducting a full investigation”.

Dr. McCloskey was unable to work for the health service during this period.

The HSCB stated that the suspension was “not an event that occurred automatically when the investigation was initiated.”

In a 9-minute video released on Sunday, Dr. McCloskey made several claims, including that there was insufficient evidence to show that it is safe for young people to be vaccinated.

Dr. McCloskey said she was “distracted” by the number of young people “harmed” by “unauthorized and unapproved” vaccines.

She said that many young people were vaccinated by “coercion, bribery or intimidation” and that these vaccines were “malicious.”

There is no evidence to support Dr. McCloskey’s comments.

The health director said that if you are vaccinated, the risk of illness due to Covid-19 will be reduced by approximately 90%.

Largest research of its kind It shows that young people are better protected by vaccination than old people.

“General practitioners must inspire confidence”

The HSCB ordered an investigation of Dr. McCloskey after receiving “complaints from general practitioner colleagues and the public regarding his behavior, comments, and conflicts of interest.”

The board stated that it “takes a very serious stance on this.”

“Patients often see general practitioners as a source of medical advice, and general practitioners need to instill confidence in patients,” the committee said.

“We can confirm that HSCB is conducting an urgent investigation into Dr. McCloskey’s comments/opinions on social media, and WUC is currently advancing independent internal investigations and procedures related to this matter.”

The board stated that Dr. McCloskey works at the Western Urgent Care Center, which is responsible for off-hours general practitioner services in Western Northern Ireland.

“This means she doesn’t work for the service often,” the board said.

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legendDr. McCloskey said his views have been in the public domain since March last year.

Foyle SDLP MP Sinead McLaughlin said she also filed a complaint about the video with the General Medical Committee (GMC).

GMC stated that it will “review any allegations to determine if further action is necessary.”

GMC said: “We hope that doctors can justify their trust in this industry, and the spread of false information is a serious problem during the pandemic.”

Dr. McCloskey, who had just retired when the pandemic began, said her views have been in the public domain since she first publicly opposed the blockade in March last year.

She said that she was not opposed to vaccination, but opposed to “mandatory vaccination” of young people.

The general practitioner said that before she saw a private e-mail informing her of the move, she believed these inquiries had been leaked to the media.

In October last year, Dr. McCloskey left the Delhi City and Straban District Council because of Disagreements with his Aontú party on Stormont’s management of Covid-19.

She also resigned from the deputy leading position of the party.

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