Gasoline prices: Can you fill your tank with cheaper conventional gas if your car requires premium?


TOAs gas prices continue to rise, the economy of American families has been hit hard by having a fundamental resource to move around. It was especially hard for people who fill up their tanks. premiumgaz, which is a significant 65 cents more per gallon on average than regular gas since last Tuesday. This has led many to wonder if there is an alternative to getting their cars to start, such as switching to conventional fuel save money.

The main issue with something like this is whether the switch might affect their car. We’ve done the calculations and the research and we have some news for you, but it may not be what you expect.

Does mixing Premium and Regular gasoline affect my car?

Gas costs are something that can no longer be ignored, traditionally regular is often preferred because it is cheaper and premium, although a little more expensive, actually has better quality, however occasionally using both types of gas for a long time is an urgent consequence for your car.

You can relax, nothing extreme like your car exploding or on fire will happen, and in fact nothing will happen in the short term, but in the long term mixing regular and premium gasoline can damage your car’s combustion cycle. This can cause your engine to be repaired or, in the worst case, to stop working properly and require replacement.

It is important to consider that it can be worse for turbocharged vehicles to mix both types of gas, because untimely explosions inside the cylinder when the mixture is compressed will cause carbon deposits and poor combustion, and residues will form inside the engine, which will eventually lead to damage to injectors and other parts. .

“If I had a car that demanded (premium gas) and there was a huge price gap and I was going on a trip, you would probably get away with it,” he said. Jason McDonaldoperating director at ford village, dealer in Michigan. But I wouldn’t risk it.

In short, even if you can save a couple of bucks by making the switch, the effect may end up costing more in the long run.


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