Gas prices today, June 20, 2022: check out the cheapest filling stations today


AS WELL AScome if US gas prices slightly down from this time last week, that doesn’t mean it’s cheap to fill up your car or truck.

Going to gas stations to fill up your car’s tank is still a very costly undertaking due to the high inflation seen across the country in the first half of 2022.

The good news is that you can do a bit of shopping when filling up, so you can find cheaper gas stations in your zip code.

in that Guide to Finding Cheap Gas Stationswe describe what the prices are in different states and where you can get the cheapest gas in major US cities based on the price per gallon of regular fuel.

Which state has the highest gas prices?

US state with the highest gas prices for a long time Californiawhere the average price is well over six dollars per gallon ($6.40).

Which state has the lowest gas prices?

US state with the lowest gas prices Georgia, where the average price is $4.48 per gallon. The Mississippi is slightly behind, at $4.50 a gallon.

Where are the cheapest gas stations in the US?

As for the cheapest gas stations in the US, these are the places with the cheapest gas stations in the 10 most populous cities in the country:

  • New York, NY ($4.95): Citgo, 3602 21st St Astoria, NY.
  • Los Angeles, CA ($5.99): 7-Eleven, 1800 E Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA.
  • Chicago, IL ($5.74): Costco, 1430S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL.
  • Houston, TX ($4.49): Timewise, 1002 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX.
  • Phoenix, AZ ($5.47): 76, 1101 N 7Th St Phoenix, AZ.
  • Philadelphia, PA ($4.95): Sunoco, 900 W College Ave, Philadelphia, PA.
  • San Antonio, TX ($4.43): Downtown grocery store, 531 Elm St. San Antonio, TX.
  • San Diego, CA ($6.09): Jrs Gas And Mini Mart, 505 S 30Th St San Diego, CA.
  • Dallas, TX ($4.78): 7-Eleven, 1634 Market Center Blvd Dallas, TX.
  • San Jose, CA ($6.07): Grand Gas, 899 N 13Th St San Jose, CA.


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